The Second Pregnancy


As I sit aboard the pregnancy train once again, the experiences and trials and highs and lows of my first pregnancy come back to me in small waves of remembrance.  I have actually found so much solace in reviewing my account of my first pregnancy that I know I want to document this one as well.  Someday, I’ll also read back over this pregnancy with fondness because it’ll be the very beginning of the story of my youngest child.  I think the biggest difference, emotionally, between the first and second pregnancy is that with the second you have a much clearer view of what you are going to have at the end of it all.  Morning sickness, ever-increasing pee breaks, cravings, back pain, and little kicks all mean another precious unique fascinating person that I will soon have privilege of meeting and loving and watching grow up.  I look at my son and I can hardly believe that such a beautiful intelligent special miracle could happen more than once, but I know that someway, somehow there is another child growing inside me that I will love and cherish for the rest of my life.

7 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

8 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

10 Weeks, 1 Day

11 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

11 Weeks, 2 Days

14 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

17 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

20 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

22 Weeks, 0 Days (Comparison Picture)

23 Weeks, 0 Days

26 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

26 Weeks, 0 Days (Comparison Picture)

29 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

30 Weeks, 2 Days

31 Weeks, 0 Days

32 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)

35 Weeks, 0 Days (Picture)


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