39 Weeks, 2 Days: MY WATER BROKE!!!

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping for a couple of hours- very slow and easy, just one store….. by the time I left I was having cramps that made me feel like I was on my period.  They quit once I got in my car to go home, but I still had a strong feeling that I was going to have a baby soon.  I got a little teary on my short drive home because I felt so happy, I guess.  I texted my mom: “I’m going to have a baby soon. I can feel it.”

We had dinner with friends.

We had sex before bed.  I wasn’t sure if we should do this because I knew that after the last time we did (Saturday morning) I had cramps for several hours afterward, so I was pretty sure it had worked on my cervix.  I figured it would just ripen it up, however, and then when the time came (hopefully after my parents’ arrival on the 17th), I’d be good to go.

Sure enough, after sex I began to cramp again.  The baby was also kicking the heck out of me, so I got up and went downstairs.  I made some snowflakes (tee hee), put claw caps on my cat (she was missing 3), and then read a birth blog, cramping the whole time, though it didn’t seem timeable.  I think I went back upstairs around 1:30 am and fell asleep.  I know the cramping continued throughout the night, but I didn’t pay much attention.  I had a dream that I’d had the baby and had to sit on a roof afterward, which really sucked (I’m scared of heights).

At 5:55 am, I was just awake enough to feel a popping sensation, though I heard nothing.  I immediately thought, “I wonder if that was my water?” but thought surely not.  I put my hand between my legs in time to feel a small gush of liquid, then another.  I grabbed the towel beside the bed (good thing I had it there!) and went to the toilet.  More water came out on the towel and in the toilet.  I dealt with the paradigm shift I was experiencing since: #1 I never expected my water to break before active labor (my mom’s never did) and #2 I was hoping my family could be here for the birth.

I woke my husband with some kisses and a whispered “My water broke”.  He was kinda out of it and asked if he should stay home from work…. Uh, yeah!

We lay in bed for awhile as the contractions came- close together but totally manageable, though I didn’t want him to talk or move during them.  My water continued (and continues) to leak out.  I’m wearing one of the huge overnight pads that I’d stockpiled for after the birth, and I’m on my second one.

We’ve called the midwife, doula, family, and a couple of friends so everyone knows what’s happening.  I’ve run around tidying up a bit, gathering a few last-minute supplies, trying to eat (though I feel a bit nauseous- either from excitement or labor).  My husband is vacuuming (this makes me very happy).

Contractions feel like period cramps right now.  They were last approximately a minute when I was timing them and coming anywhere from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes apart, though I know some have been a little farther.  I’ve had 4 now since I’ve been typing this.  I want to close my eyes, lean on something if I’m standing, and I don’t talk during them.  I’m not sure if I can’t or if I just don’t want to, but my thoughts do feel more muddled.  I can already tell, from three hours ago (has it seriously been that long already??) that different hormones are kicking in.  I feel a little out of it even between contractions, though I’m obviously still able to type.  Obviously I’m still in early labor.

It’s kinda nice to just have my husband here with me right now.  I’ve been praying since the beginning that Baby would come at exactly the right time, so God must know that this is the right time and that this is what I need to labor best.  I’m seeing my birth affirmations around the house and I love them!

Maybe I’ll write more later, maybe not.

It’s 12-12-12… What a perfect day to have a baby!  😀

…Just had another contraction.

I forgot to say that right after my water broke, I shook uncontrollably for a least half an hour.  I didn’t feel cold and I didn’t feel too excited or stressed, but maybe I was.  Either that or some hormone in my water made it happen.  Anyway, that’s something I never expected.

Also, my water was clear with some light pink stuff that I assume was my mucus plug.  Maybe vernix too.  So, yay for clear water!


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