Truth and Lies- Before Pregnancy News Goes Public

Today after church, we went with my parents to the church potluck. Other than the struggle to keep my food down in front of all those people whom we can’t quiiiiiite tell about the baby yet, the other hardship was the number of people who came up and asked me, “So, got any babies yet?”

Now, what in the heck am I supposed to say to that?? “Do you see any babies??” I blubbered like an idiot each time and I may have even made a ridiculous rocking-baby motion at some point, but I eventually ended up saying something like “Not yet”, or “Not quite”. That’s….. true, right?

But I guarantee you, in four days those sweet little ladies are going to be sure that I lied to them…..


Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy

So, the next big exciting thing is deciding how and when to announce to our friends and family that we’re pregnant!  🙂  I already told my sister this morning.  She is the first family member to know.  I sent her a box and wrote “call before opening” all over it.  Inside, she found first this (she makes diaper cakes):

Better get started on that diaper cake because....


You get to be an aunt for Christmas this year!!!


onesie personalized with iron-on fabric letters


I was sad  that I wasn’t able to tell her in person, but I do remember very clearly the look of excitement and hope when I told her about my early ovulation January and how I thought I might be pregnant then.  So I just remembered that look as I listened to her surprised gasps and excited squeals 😀  Now I get to talk to SOMEONE about it, and I know she can keep the secret.

We are going to visit my parents at the end of May, so we’ll tell them and my grandma then (great-grandma- yeah!!!).  We wanted to tell all of my husband’s family right after we got back, but unfortunately his brother and family will be gone when we get back, and his parents are leaving for vacation the day after we return from Texas.  So new strategies had to be formed.  Currently, the plan is to tell my husband’s brother and family right before leaving for Texas.  They can keep a secret.  The night we get back we’ll tell his parents (they can’t keep a secret, lol!).  The next day we’ll call and  tell close friends (some we’ll mail something to and plan for it to arrive on or around that day), and then the next day we’ll tell co-workers.  FINALLY it can go viral on Facebook 🙂  Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it from getting out into cyberworld before then!

Right now I’m trying to figure out what kind of announcement we’d like to mail out.  I did a little search and found some pretty great pictures/ideas:

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