Angry at A Baby Story

Aaaaaaaargh!  I’m so mad!!!!  [Warning: this post is a bit of a rant]

Many times the TLC show A Baby Story has made me feel frustrated, but never has it made me downright angry like this episode has.  It was the episode about “Baby Rawls”.  Very sweet couple who would like a drug-free labor.  The mom is a week “overdue” and has been having some contractions/cramps for a couple of days.  She finally heads to the hospital for an induction at 1cm dilation.  At first, she’s doing great, sitting on a chair, leaning forward on her husband, her family is rubbing her back, etc.  She lays down on the bed to get checked again and is at 4cm and the baby has moved down- awesome!

Then her medical team offers some pain relief so she can sleep, warning that she will afterward be confined to bed because it will make her feel woozy.  It’s not an epidural yet (can’t remember exactly what it was), but she accepts it and gets an hour or two of sleep.  She wakes up feeling great and gets checked again- 5 cm.  At this point she is (of course) in more pain because A: she’s lying on her back and B: she’s on pitocin which is probably making her contractions quite intense, so she’s offered an epidural.  You can tell that she really doesn’t want it, but also feels like maybe she can’t handle it anymore.  She gets lots of encouragement (to have the epidural) from her husband and medical team, and is actually given the impression that an epidural will help her make progress more quickly- whaaaaa??  There is no mention of getting out of bed or trying movement.  She finally agrees to have the epidural, looking very worried.

Next scene: the doctor comes in and tells the mom that she has “failed to progress”, probably because either the baby is too big or her pelvis is too small, and that she will need a c-section.  That is seriously exactly what the mom was told, and I couldn’t believe it!  What a load of crap (this is where I start to get really mad)!  The mom is devastated.  She didn’t even want to have an epidural and now she’s having a c-section?!  She’s so disappointed, and she’s crying, and her family is praying with her.  Ugh.  I’ve seen pleeeenty of A Baby Story episodes where unnecessary c-sections were performed, but none were so clearly unnecessary and against the mom’s wishes as this one.  I guarantee you that her pelvis was NOT too small and her baby was NOT too big, but the doctor stood there and seemed really sorry, saying she really wanted to help her get as far as she could and that it just didn’t work out…

Cut to several weeks later and mom admits that she’s still going through a grieving process over the c-section, hoping to someday see it as less of a trauma.  Breaks my heart because I can see how unnecessary it was.  😦

I don’t know if I can watch  this show anymore.  Or maybe I’ll only DVR the homebirth episodes because those are usually really good.  The people present at the birth support the birthing mom in a way that affirms her ability to do her job, not make her feel that she or her body are inadequate for what they need to do.  I just hate to keep seeing emergency or unnatural situations created by the choices made.  People say that all the stories we hear about the typical hospital birth are so biased, but shows like this really do nothing to convince me.  It makes me want to give birth at home more than ever!


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