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Hello, faithful readers (and I actually do have a couple, which pretty much makes me giddy with happiness)!  You may have noticed that I recently changed the title of my blog from “Natural Birth” to “Natural Birth and Parenting”.  This is to reflect the fact that since I’m now a parent I’m going to be writing about parenting topics and experiences as much as I was writing about pregnancy topics and experiences while I was pregnant.  Anyway, it’s tough to write about one and not the other!

I’ve made a couple of changes to make my blog a little more user-friendly (this is mostly for anyone who’s a new reader).  I’ve put some menus at the top of the page.  I know that when I read someone’s blog I often want to read all about their pregnancy or all about their baby’s life.  If that’s you as well, the menus have links that will help you find the relevant posts, in chronological order.

Under “The Pregnancy”, I’ve linked the posts I wrote on each day of pregnancy.  Maybe you’re 26 weeks pregnant and want to see what I was writing about when I was also 26 weeks pregnant.  Or, maybe you just want to start at the beginning and work your way through (that’ll take awhile!).  Some of the posts I wrote while pregnant are about specific topics related to pregnancy, birth, and babies, and some are just about what I was experiencing at the time.

Under “The Baby”, you will find my birth story as well as links to the updates I wrote for each month of Alex’s life, to date.

The menu title “The Purpose” was written when I began this blog and are my initial thoughts regarding birth and why I wanted to write about it.

There are many posts not linked in the menu section, so please try looking through the drop-down categories menu or searching for keywords to help you find what you’re looking for.  I have SOOOO many ideas of posts to write, but having a little one does make it difficult to find blogging time.  Eventually, however, I’d like to write an update on cloth diapering, a post all about breastfeeding, more day-in-the-life posts (this one is already in the works, but I’m waiting for my husband to make some pictures accessible for me since I accidentally took them in “raw” format… I don’t even know what that means!), a post about dealing with my feelings about my home birth transfer, and so many more!


Coming Soon….

Hi all! Sorry for my long silence. I just wanted to assure you that I will be working on writing Alex’s birth story and that I should be posting it within the week. I wanted some time to process what happened, but now I want need to write it so I can move on to writing about life with a newborn. I was texting a friend today about a few things regarding life as I now know it and realized that talking and sharing (and blogging) are really going to be necessary to get me through these weeks and months with my sanity intact! 🙂 I should have been reaching out to friends sooner because it really makes me feel more upbeat.

So anyway, a good part of the birth story may have to be written via Swype on my phone during late night breastfeeding sessions (just like this post), but I’ll hack it out some way or another. It was the most incredible, most challenging experience of my life, and I can’t wait to share the details!

Home Birth Story


I just found this story, An Instinctual Birth, of a home birth, and I really loved it because the way she tells the story makes you kinda feel like you are there, like you are her. There is also some beautiful photography (by allie b photography) of their new little family. And the way she felt after the birth- that’s the way I want to feel. Proud, elated, satisfied.

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