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I heard this verse in church today and it caught my attention, and then this evening it was in my devotional reading:


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I think I’ll add it to my existing birth inspirations.  It may seem like a strange choice of verses to want to remember during childbirth, but after some of the intense experiences and emotions both during and after Alex’s birth, it makes sense to me.  Although I’m anticipating a much smoother delivery this time, I do want to remember that, no matter where this birth takes us, God will give us the strength to deal with it.

I had my birth inspirations printed out and around the house during the last weeks of my first pregnancy, but I didn’t really notice or focus on them while in labor.  I don’t know if that will change or not this time, but I’ll probably set them out a couple weeks early again to begin getting myself into a mindset of trust and peace.  I really want to feel as little fear going into this birth as I did the first time, but I’m struggling with just how to get there.  I may be a little more realistic now, knowing firsthand that all of my best plans don’t ensure perfection, but I don’t want previous experience to rob me of the faith that my body was made to do this, that my baby innately knows how to be born, and that God ultimately has His hand over the whole process.


I trust my body.  I trust my baby.  I trust my God.


My mind and body can handle a labor of any kind.

Knowing that your body is made for birthing is the first step to allowing your mind to relax.


Birth Inspiration- Quotes and Photos

I can’t believe we have actually made it to this point!  I got a little emotional the day we hit 37 weeks, which was also the day I started writing this post (those waves of strong emotion kind of hit me out of nowhere lately).  And now it’s nearly 38 weeks already! I feel so thankful.  Baby has done so well and I have really, in spite of morning sickness, hip pain and the like, had an easy pregnancy.  I feel so blessed.

Lately, because all of the more concrete preparations that HAVE  to be done are basically done (I have baby clothes, diapers and boobs, so we’re good), I’ve been trying to focus on my internal preparation for what will probably be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done- push this baby out into the world!

I collected and printed off some inspirational quotes, Bible verses and photos, laminated them, and put them in various places around the house where I’ll see them daily.

Here’s my inspiration collection:

Peace is not having everything perfect.  Peace is not an uneventful labor.  Peace is not the absence of fear or concern.  Peace is trusting God… in the middle of uncertainty while you are afraid…  The ultimate authority of God can bring peace in the midst of your labor challenges.

“The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with strength.”  Psalm 29:11

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

I TRUST my body.  I TRUST my pain.  I TRUST my labor.  I TRUST my baby.  I TRUST my God.

My mind and body can handle a labor of any kind. Knowing that your body is made for birthing is the first step to allowing your mind to relax.

Holding you, I hold everything.

The first steps a baby takes are into your heart.


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