The Purpose


I just turned 30 this August and boy is the clock ticking! In my head, I know that I want to wait a few years to have babies with my new husband, but sometimes it’s like there is this primal force that takes hold of my brain and causes every neuron to scream, “Babies! Pregnancy! Family! Now!” I’m currently channeling that energy into educating myself about birth (a subject interesting to me in it’s own right), and attempting to spread awareness among women about the choices they have regarding the setting and the way in which they give birth. Along the way, I’m discovering that the complex interplay of physiological, emotional, and hormonal events that occur during pregnancy and birth is one of the most beautiful and incredibly designed processes that we will encounter in this lifetime. As I continue to build this site, and to eventually share my own experiences, I hope that readers will begin to understand just how wonderfully a woman’s body is designed for the child-birthing task and that this knowledge will help them glimpse the heart of their Creator.


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  1. Tiff
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 09:07:00

    Sharing your experience with other women is so great! All women need to knishes of our ability to give birth, sadly that’s not so know these days. I am glad to see you bringing awareness with the sharing of your personal story! Stories of experiences is the best way to go I love them.


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