Pregnancy Brain

Need a good laugh? Single Dad Laughing has compiled this absolutely hilarious and almost unbelievable list of pregnancy brain moments. You know, those times when that tiny human growing inside of you has apparently commandeered so much of your brain juice that you can’t even remember your own name (that actually is one of the stories!).

I think the worst I have done this pregnancy was to put something strange in the fridge (and of course I cannot remember what it was). I did that before I even knew I was pregnant, so I guess it was an early sign, along with clumsiness as I broke a dish a few minutes later and spilled ketchup all over the carpet…

These days if I laugh too hard for too long, I just start crying. Not laughing-so-hard-tears-run-down-your-face, but actual crying. I don’t even know. Hopefully no one says anything funny in public because it could get embarrassing really quickly. Welcome to 11+ weeks of pregnancy??

Anywho, whether your pregnant laughter turns to crying or peeing, I promise these stories are worth it! Bonus: they’ll totally make your own brain lapses seem like no biggie. 🙂


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