Alex’s First Birthday and 12 Months Old

Oops, this post is a little tardy.  Better late than never.  I’m not going to be doing the monthly posts on Alex anymore, though of course I’ll talk about him plenty.  I began to feel bogged down by the need to write the monthly updates when I may have had another topic on my heart.  I’m absolutely glad that I kept them up for the first year, though, because it’s a wonderful record of Alex’s babyhood.  Sigh.  He’s not a baby anymore. 

12 months old:

So, let’s talk about Alex at one year.  Confession: because it’s been two months already I actually can’t remember as much as I’d like.  I’m just going to talk about his birthday, post the pics, and tell you what I remember.

On the night before Alex’s birthday, we blew up a bunch of balloons and hung them from the ceiling in the basement for a birthday photo shoot.  It’s…. very difficult to get a one-year-old to cooperate for pictures.  Still, I got a few good ones. 


It cracked me up that Alex would choose to play with a piece of metal instead of all the fun balloons.  This kid.

P1030924 P1030928

I can’t tell you how many times he took the hat off!

P1030932 P1030934 P1030773 P1030774 P1030782 P1030784 P1030830 P1030842 P1030847 P1030853 P1030858 P1030883 P1030915

Developing: Alex was absolutely walking at 12 months.  His first steps were at 10.5 months, and he really took off with it at 11.5 ish months. 

Breastfeeding: Still nursing, going strong, no plans to wean anytime soon.

Eating: Alex still loves to eat, and his favorite food is definitely berries.  He’s gotten really good at asking for what he wants my pointing at different foods.

Fears: Alex hates things that make loud or unfamiliar noises, like blenders, food processors, and balloons being blown up.  He’s thankfully become pretty tolerant of the vacuum cleaner.

Likes: Alex’s favorite thing is to watch Mommy and Daddy do things, particularly in the kitchen.  The trouble is that he wants us to hold him at the same time, and some things aren’t compatible with holding him (like cutting veggies).  :/  He also has recently acquired a fascination with pulling Ami’s tail- ouch! He will walk from room to room, but always checks back in with me pretty frequently.

Favorite Toys: We’ve started going to the library for baby story time.  Alex is always really shy, but he does enjoy it and loosens up near the end when all the babies get to play with the toys.  Alex’s favorite toys are pots and pans, kitchen utensils, toy tools, and whatever he finds in the drawers in the bathroom.

The birthday party:

I decided to do a puppy dog theme for Alex’s birthday party, mostly because when I decided it that’s one thing I knew he liked- dogs!  He would always get really excited when he saw a dog and would point to dogs we’d seen when I’d say “Where’s the doggie?”  Adorable.  Anyway, I made as many things dog-themed as I could: food, decorations, and even Alex’s outfit.



The table runner was just plain paper that I stenciled paw prints onto with sharpies and homemade stencils.  I was pleased to realize that I could even stencil on the glasses and they’d rub right off whenever we were done. 


We waited to have Alex’s party until my parents came for Christmas, so it was a little over a week after his actual birthday.



The dog dishes and little dogs came from Dollar Tree.



Ok, so this didn’t turn out as awesome as I’d hoped, mostly because it fell down shortly after this picture was taken…..



There’s something so awesome about seeing adults load up food into dog dishes, haha!


Alex ate a TON!



After dinner we went downstairs to open presents.  Alex wasn’t thrilled about his hat at all….


P1040053 P1040055 P1040068 P1040074

The bike was our gift to Alex.  It’s a bike without pedals (called a balance bike), and as soon as his feet can touch the ground when he’s sitting on it he can ride it.  Hopefully this summer.  🙂


The smash cake: a sugar-less cake with green frosting made out of coconut cream (and colored with spinach)

P1040108 P1040109 P1040110

I helped him blow out his candle and he was VERY upset!

P1040111 P1040112 P1040113 P1040115

The berries made up for the loss of the candle.

P1040116 P1040121 P1040127 P1040122 P1040130 P1040133

Daddy liked the smash cake too.

P1040129 P1040117

Here’s the adult’s cake: a raw carrot cake that was a total experiment.  Not sure if everyone else thought it was amazing, but I sure did!  Yum!  I cannot get enough of that coconut cream on top. 

I, um, forgot to take the picture before I cut it.

P1040120 P1040135 P1040134 P1040136

All in all, I thought the party was a success, but there was a lot of prep and it kind of wore me out.  I think next year I either need to somehow do more stuff ahead of time or make it simpler.  We’ll also probably invite some friends next year.  I just wanted to make it grandparents this year because, let’s face it, they are the only ones who really matter right now in Alex’s little world.  🙂



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