Alex is 10 Months Old!!

So I began this post in a timely manner, didn’t finish it in a timely manner, so here is what I have.  We’ll just move right on to 11 months after this.  🙂  Sorry for my tardiness and absence!!

Ten months, people!  That’s only 2 months away from 1 year, and it’s blowing my mind right now!  When Alex was born, 10 months felt like an eternity.  And it kind of has been.  And it kind of hasn’t been.

Alex is so. much. fun. right now.  Sometimes I just love to sit and watch him interact with the world around him.  I love to watch his facial expressions and movements as he notices things and tries out things.  It’s like he has a new awareness that I never saw in him before now.


Once Alex got through most of the coughing nonsense from last month, eating went much more smoothly.  He’s getting really really proficient with his pincer grip, and he can pick up tiny little pieces of food.  That means we don’t have to try to give him “big” food anymore, just pieces of whatever we have on our plate that we think is suitable for him.  I’m so glad we chose to do baby-led weaning because Alex really loves to feed himself and really doesn’t tolerate being spoonfed.  Sometimes we try to feed him stuff out of a spoon, but after a few spoonfuls he just wants to do it himself!  He tolerates us putting pieces of food in his mouth with our fingers a little better, but usually he ends up trying to take it with his hands.  He has at least one solid meal at day now (breakfast), usually two (we eat dinner together as a family), and sometimes three.  He gets plenty of solids. His favorite food right now is probably blueberries; he has a ton every morning at breakfast.  The only food I don’t think he really cares for is bean soup.  We had it tonight and he didn’t eat most of it.  His daddy didn’t like bean soup as a kid, either, so I blame that entirely on him- I LOVED beans!

The only thing Alex really hasn’t mastered is liquids.  I guess we haven’t really tried it much with him, so we’ll probably just start giving him more chances.  We gave him so miso soup the other day and most of it dribbled out of his mouth, haha!  He liked it, though, and kept accepting more.  He hasn’t learned to drink from a cup, either.  We’ve offered him water in a bottle and a sippy cup, but he didn’t want either.  Oh well.  It’s not necessary at this point because he still nurses plenty.


Still going strong with no signs of stopping any time soon.  I really don’t know how often Alex’s nurses in a 24-hour period because I just haven’t been keeping track, but if I counted up the times today… at least 8, not including during the night, so probably 10 in all?  It’s often, I know that.  He’s actually almost been reverse cycling lately, I feel (meaning he nurses less during the day and more at night).  Usually when babies do that it’s because the mom is away at work or something, but for Alex it’s just because he is too darn busy during the day to stop and nurse properly, silly boy!  He does usually get in some good nursing before and after naps, though, so I guess it’s not really reverse cycling.

This month for the first time, really, I wished that Alex didn’t nurse at night anymore.  And it’s just because he moves around so much!  If he would stay still I could go to sleep/stay asleep, but he is always moving his hands (and it TICKLES!) and pinches/scratching/picking at my nipples!  It makes me want to jump out of my skin, especially in those wonderful two weeks right before my period.  I get so irritated and just want to leap out of bed, but alas, I can’t because he’d just wake up more.   When I’m patient and calm, Alex nurses and goes back to sleep, but when I get all fidgety….


Alex said “Dada” and “Mama” in the same day!  This is indiscriminately, mind you, meaning that he doesn’t know he’s saying anything like a word…. at least I don’t think so.  He may have a clue that he’s saying something close to “Daddy” because all the babbling (where was I going with this?  no clue.  can’t believe I stopped mid-sentence….).





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