Packing List for a Baby


It feels like we’ve gone on a lot of trips lately.  Well, we actually have gone on a lot of trips lately.  Trips mean packing, and I really hate packing.  I hated it before I had a baby, but now I hate it even more because I have two people to pack for.  That means the twice the number of things I have remember to bring, twice the number of essentials I might forget, and twice the amount of stuff I have to try to squeeze into our suitcases.  The only thing that really makes packing semi tolerable for me (beside having ALL the laundry done and the house spotless before I begin) is making lists.  I usually have to make a list before I go to sleep the night before a trip of the things I don’t want to forget in the morning.  When I do that, I can relax and not worry.

Developing the list thing a bit further, I’ve made a comprehensive, reusable packing list for Alex of everything I might want to bring any time we take a trip.  Here’s my list:

_____ Amber Necklace

_____ Baby Spoons

_____ Baby Vicks

_____ Bath Toys

_____ Bible

_____ Bibs

_____ Blankets

_____ Books

_____ Brush

_____ Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Ointment

_____ Button-down Shirts

_____ Car Mirror

_____ Car Seat

_____ Car Toys

_____ Charlie’s Soap

_____ Diaper Bag

_____ Diaper Covers

_____ Diapers

_____ Dress Pants

_____ Duda (Pacifier) Leashes

_____ Dudas (Pacifiers)

_____ Eating Bibs

_____ Eating Mat

_____ Exercise Ball

_____ Gloves

_____ Hats

_____ Jacket

_____ Large Wet Bags

_____ Long-sleeved Onesies or Shirts

_____ Lotion

_____ Mei Tei

_____ Moby

_____ Monitor

_____ Nail Clippers

_____ Nighttime Books

_____ Nosefrida

_____ Hiking Carrier

_____ Pants

_____ Pjs

_____ Play Mat

_____ Potty Chair

_____ Puj

_____ Saline Drops

_____ Shampoo

_____ Shoes

_____ Short-sleeved Onesies or Shirts

_____ Shorts

_____ Sleep Sheep

_____ Small Wet Bags

_____ Socks

_____ Stroller

_____ Sweaters

_____ Tie/Suspenders

_____ Toothbrush

_____ Towel

_____ Toys

_____ Washcloth

_____ Wipes

The first time I used the list, I ended up writing in a lot of things that I hadn’t thought of the first time, things that I remembered when I saw them while actually looking for thing to pack.  Before the next trip, I typed in the afterthoughts, printed the list, and laminated it.  Then I just clipped the list to the fridge, crossed off the things I knew I didn’t want to bring, and began packing, checking off items with a dry erase marker as I went.  When I get close to being done with my list, I like to circle the few remaining items (many of which need to be packed in the morning or last-minute) so I make sure I don’t miss them.  I can wipe the whole thing clean when I’m done and reuse it again and again.  It works beautifully!

Feel free to use my list as a starting point for your own baby packing list.  I have a list for packing myself as well that I just finished editing and still need to reprint and laminate.

Little organizational measures like this are what help me keep my head above water these days.  🙂


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