Our Day In Pictures

Sorta crappy pictures, that is, because I was just snapping them with my phone. Anywho, it is something.

We are still on vacation, staying with my husband’s aunt and uncle in southern California.

8 am: Alex is awake. I am exhausted (my fault from staying up late) so my spectacular husband takes Alex downstairs while I sleep for another hour or so.

10 am: Alex naps (he was practically asking for it, too!)


10:15 am: My breakfast. That I didn't cook. That I got to eat alone. I love vacation!


11 am: I went up to our room after breakfast and saw this: my husband sitting with Alex while he napped. So cute.

11:15 am: Alex wakes up


11:30 am: Alex HATES pooping and always cries. 😦 So we comfort him.


We try not to laugh, but it is kinda funny.


12 pm: Alex wanted to stand while he watched my brush my teeth. He has been ALL ABOUT standing the last few days.


12:15 pm: My sweet baby nursing


Lately Alex has begun practicing his nursing gymnastics, probably because he doesn't want to stop looking at everything around him!


1 pm: We took a little trip to check out great uncle's machine shop.....





While here we discovered that Alex has a total of FIVE teeth poking out! And two more on the top are just about there. This little man had teeth sprouting everywhere!! :O


Uncle showed Alex around


And let him hold some parts (picture of Alex holding dangerous tool not shown.....)


1:30 pm: Then a trip to another great uncle's upholstery shop where Alex was held awkwardly by great aunt. He's getting a little tired anyway.


2:30 pm: Back home for a belated nap. Notice how one eye is slightly open in his sleep. Freaky.

3:30 pm: Alex wakes up.

3:45 pm: I eat “lunch”.


4:30 pm:Trying some self-portraits


Now we're both in the frame


5 pm: Trying to climb over Daddy


Daddy gobbling up Alex's neck


He loves it!

5:30 pm: Daddy and Alex talk to Baka and Deda on the phone (they miss him terribly) and play outside in the grass (no picture, sadly).


6 pm: Mommy made blueberry corn salad and Daddy and Alex made sure nothing was wasted in the corn cobs

6:30 pm: Alex and I talked to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone while my husband cleaned the kitchen (bless him).

7:30 pm: Bath time with Daddy. Alex was getting really tired.

7:45 pm: Story time and milkies with Mommy.

8:00 pm: Instead of going to sleep, Alex popped up and wanted to crawl around. Sigh.

8:30 pm: Alex munched on a cucumber from Daddy’s lap while the rest of us ate dinner. Obviously I’d seriously dropped the ball regarding pictures at this point! Shame.

9 pm: Alex begins to look very tired and goes to sleep easily in my arms with our pacing bouncing vacation routine. Sweet dreams, little angel. 🙂

10 pm: I return from the shower to find Alex snuggled with Daddy. On the edge of the mattress.

About 10:45 pm: I hear a thud as Alex rolls the 4ish inches off the mattress. It doesn’t hurt or even scare him, but he does mostly wake up.

11 pm: Alex has nursed and is sleeping peacefully again. And that’s our day.

Goodnight all!


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