Alex is 7 Months Old!!! (Part 2)

hiking with Daddy

hiking with Daddy

I decided to post about Alex at 7 months in two parts, mostly because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to write it all at once and wanted to get at least something done!  It’s a good thing, too, because he’s almost 7.5 months already!

Ok, so first of all I must confess that I for some reason didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of Alex this month.  😦  I’m not sure why.  I guess I was busy interacting with him (translation: keeping him from getting into stuff, hurting himself, and eating non-edibles!).

Milestones and Achievements:

Soooo much happened in the last month!  He was kinda moving forward before, but just in the last week or two, Alex is CRAWLING!  He’s moving, he’s coordinated, and he’s fast!  The other day I noticed he had knocked over a basket of freshly folded laundry and spit up in it.  While I was assessing that situation, I looked over and BAM! he’s about to stick an extension cord in his mouth that he pulled out from under the dresser!  I have my hands full!  He has also suddenly begun to stand up on stuff.  Yeah!  He wants to stand, stand, stand all the time.  He also learned to clap his hands.  He’s done it a few times imitating me, but mostly he does it whenever he darn well pleases (when Daddy flexes, when Mommy makes a joke… ok, maybe those were a coincidence).  Alex is really becoming great at letting us know what he wants.  He’ll start crying when a fun activity ends and he gets really excited when he sees his daddy come home (I LOVE to see this!).  Alex understands a few signs (like milk) and I think he’s on the brink of being able to sign back- so exciting! 😀

Alex has learned to roll over any place, any time!

Alex has learned to roll over any place, any time!


Anyway, all of this progress has got Alex obsessed to the point that he is NOT sleeping well at night.  For a few weeks now he’s been waking up crying at night or just waking up and being… awake.  It’s been a little rough and a little bit like having a newborn again (except not).  I’ve been just taking more naps and trying to ride it out.  I can usually get him to kinda go back to sleep, but I definitely wake up more and I know I’m not as rested in the morning.  I have to say, this skills mastering phase is way worse for us than the developmental leaps have been as far as night waking goes.  Alex has been extra fussy during the day too because he wants to do things and learn things, but sometime it gets so frustrating or he can’t do it just the way he wants to.  Holding him more helps a lot.  The past week or so he’s been extra clingy, I think because with his increased mobility his world has opened up and he feels a little scared and wants reassurance that mommy is still there for him.

waking up happy!

waking up happy!


Nursing is going very well!  Alex hasn’t decreased the number of times he nurses during the day (or night), but he is doing more comfort nursing, probably because of all the scary exciting changes happening.  He likes to nurse sitting up sometimes and it’s so funny because he’ll look from boob to boob deciding which one he wants!  He’s really good at switching sides on his own now, too.  If we’re lying in bed and I don’t get the hint quickly enough that he wants to switch, he’ll just go for the other side himself!  He’s bitten me a few times, mostly when he’s not really hungry but sees “milkies” and wants to play around, but he usually gets the hint when milkies disappear.  His favorite thing to do now is pinch my nipples, which can get kinda painful because he “scratches” with his fingernails.  He likes to pinch the other side while he’s nursing or while he’s going to sleep.  I know it’s very very comforting to him, so I sometimes let him do it- until he starts using his nails.  He is obsessed with pinching my husband’s nipples, too, haha!

Alex loves his milkies!

Alex loves his milkies!


Alex has tried about 30 45 foods now, and this kid loves everything!  We slowed down on the solids for about a week because he didn’t poop for awhile, but I think his body is better adjusted now.  He seems to be always hungry and eager to eat!  I try to give him at least one meal of solids a day, and sometimes I feel like he wants even more, but I don’t want him to nurse less so I definitely don’t want to overdo it on solids right now.  He just loves to eat whatever we are eating and sometime as long as he can have a little taste he is satisfied. 🙂  So far Alex has only had a rough time with one food- spinach.  He had some spinach soup at my mother-in-law’s house, and he may have had more than I knew because he was sitting on my lap where I didn’t have a super clear view of his mouth.  At any rate, we came home, he took a nap, and after waking up he vomited twice (a lot) and had diarrhea twice within the span of an hour.  He cried each time he threw up, poor little guy.  I’m sure it didn’t feel good coming up.  Anyway, thankfully it all seemed to be out of his system after that.  I Googled spinach and found that apparently it’s not recommended for babies under 10 months because of the high nitrate levels.  The same applies to a few other foods like carrots, yams, other greens….  He hasn’t had trouble with anything else but maybe it’s because we have always given him organic stuff, which the spinach was not.  Maybe it’s just that he had too much at once.  It was his first time to eat spinach, and we won’t be trying it again for a few months.  Otherwise, the eating is going well!  Alex is getting a bit better at putting food in his mouth, chewing it, and swallowing it, but plenty still gets squished in his little fists or falls out of his mouth.

P1020683Alex is our sweetheart, and he brings so much joy to our lives.  It’s been wonderful for the past seven months to see each new development and milestone thus far and I cannot wait for what is to come.  His sweet smile makes my day every day.

stayin' cool

stayin’ cool


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  1. andi
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 08:53:17

    Oh my goodness hes getting so big (and his widdle bottom…squeee) I cant wait to finally meet him


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