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Goodness, it’s been about a month since I’ve posted!  Way too long!  It’s not because I haven’t had things I wanted to write about.  To the contrary, I’ve had a TON of ideas but no time.  I keep reading a bunch of really excellent blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers and I am reminded of posts I have sitting in drafts, posts I’ve been wanting to write, posts I keep writing in my head over and over….  It’s very frustrating, but lately I’ve been so busy living life that I haven’t had a chance to write about it.

Alex has also been having a really rough time sleeping lately, something I’ll write more about in my 7 month post for him (which really really needs to be the next one since he was seven months over a week ago!), but yeah.  I’ve been missing sleep at night, so I’ve had to nap more during the day and that was usually when I had time to blog.  My other blogging time was after he was sound asleep at night and that’s either been so late or he’s been so prone to waking that it also has not been available to me as a time to really do anything.  Alex has suddenly become a lot more mobile, too, and wanting a lot more attention from me, it seems.  I’m choosing to give it to him to the detriment of other activities, but I’m confident it’s the right choice. 😀 My parents were here for a week as well, so when my attention wasn’t on Alex I was trying to visit with them.

Anyway, I don’t like leaving my readers hanging and it also doesn’t make me feel good to just let my blog be stagnant, so I’m going to try to write at least one post a week.  Man, I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy when I posted ALL the time, like every day!  Those were the days….  😛  My fingers are itching to spend hours typing out my thoughts.  I think I’ll ask my husband to give me some time especially for blogging.

I actually had a post half typed tonight about fear, but then my computer insisted on taking about 45 minutes to do an update and I pretty much gave up and just made this post about how I want to publish posts.  I always feel so lame doing that, haha!  There was also this insane thunderstorm that just rolled through and I was really nervous it would wake up Alex, which is the very last thing I want after the rough bedtime we had and after he is finally sleeping peacefully.  Thankfully, though, he never knew a thing!  Amazing how they can sleep through anything sometimes and other times wake to the slightest noise….

Well, now you know that I’m still here, all is well, and you’ll hopefully be hearing more from me in a day or two.  I should have some fabulous pictures of Alex from our seven-month celebration.  🙂

I leave you with this slightly fuzzy picture of Alex in the middle our bedtime routine on one of the not-so-rough nights.  He loves his bedtime book and will choose it over the others.  🙂



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