Alex is 7 Months Old!!! (Part 1)

My baby is growing so quickly!  Last week he celebrated his seven-month birthday, and we made it a big one.  We had his church dedication on the day he was exactly seven months, which the number nerd in me absolutely loved!  My parents came up for the week since they hadn’t seen him since he was 4 months, and it was a very nice time.  My dad, a pastor, did the short dedication ceremony for us.  It was lovely.

Alex chewed on his shoe the whole time, which people got a big kick out of!

Alex chewed on his shoe the whole time, which people got a big kick out of!

For those of you not familiar with child dedications, they are analogous to a child baptism.  The reason our church does not baptize babies is that we believe baptism symbolizes a personal decision to follow God, one that a person needs to understand before they commit to.  A baby obviously cannot understand it yet, so instead we as parents commit ourselves to raising our children in a way that will communicate God’s love to them.  We acknowledge that our children are precious gifts from God, entrusted into our care, and promise to honor God in the way we parent them.  It’s sort of a way to humble ourselves as we realize that we are only human doing the best that we can and that we need the help of God and of our church community as we undergo the sacred task of shaping a young life.


We also took Alex to Sabbath School for the first time.  It’s like Sunday School.  We got there for just the last few minutes, but Alex LOVED it!


Look at how well he’s sitting in his chair, haha!  I thought that was cute.  We’re going to start taking him regularly, I hope, though it’s a long morning for him without a nap.


I took Alex up for the children’s story.  I think I managed to sit without flashing anyone with my skirt……  That’s his sweet little cousin sitting next to him.  Oh how she loves him!


After church, both sets of grandparents as well as Alex’s aunt, uncle, and cousins came to our house for lunch.  I had wanted to celebrate his half birthday even though it was a month late, so I did a little decorating and tried to make it fun and special for everyone.  I didn’t take the pictures myself, but should have because some of the details were missed (like my awesome half cake 😦 ).  Anyway, you can see my half green, half blue poufs.


Everyone’s place was marked by a picture of themselves with Alex.  I put the picture on the plate with a clear plate over it, and it was a hit.  Alex is all different ages in the pictures and for some people I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so there is a front and back.  I included a lot of “first time holding Alex” pictures.  Those always just melt my heart.


The napkin rings were held together by little hands and feet brads that I didn’t end up using when we did our pregnancy announcements.  My parents lovingly helped me put those together.  🙂


We did “big food” in honor of Alex since it has to be big for him to fist it and get it into his mouth.  It was fun.  Here Alex has just had a bite of cauliflower, which we’re not sure is his favorite (but he’s never refused to eat anything, so we can’t be sure!).


Our gift to Alex was his first Bible.  I remember having one just like this as a kid.  It has his name on it.  Again, no picture of that, but here it is in the box right after Alex ripped the ribbon off.  😀


No picture of the cake, sadly, but it was in a half moon shape.  It was apple cake, one of my favorites, and was frosted with a vegan buttercream frosting.  There was a little train candle on top.  Here’s what Alex looked like when he was finished smearing eating it:

P1020806After dinner Alex showed off some of his new skills while playing with his cousins.


silly guy!

silly guy!

I actually took a nap right after lunch because I was falling-over tired, so this is where the celebration ended for me!  Stay tuned for part 2 of Alex’s 7-month update!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kendra
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 19:34:44

    So fun! Thanks for clarifying about the dedication meaning! I grew up with southern baptist which meant babtisms only for little babies. Although, I never had one. Alex is so big! And you look ROCKIN!! Seriously, beautiful!


    • travelnole
      Jul 21, 2013 @ 12:05:18

      Yeah, I figured most people would need the dedication explanation. Yes, he is huge! His daddy was a big baby, I guess. And THANKS for the compliment! I was pleased that day because that high-waisted skirt that I thought would never fit me again (because I guess my ribs were still expanded for awhile after Alex was born) actually did fit!


  2. andi
    Jul 21, 2013 @ 04:50:14

    Awww I love the picture idea. We get baptised somewhere after 10 or 11 (I was 13) after the child takes a class on our beliefs and then only if the child wants to.


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