What Is This Blog For, Anyway??

Why do I write this blog?  In the beginning, I was all geeked out and excited about natural birth and home birth after reading the Lamaze book and I wanted an outlet to write about it.  I also wanted to compile information that other women could find and learn about the stuff I was excited about.  I also envisioned recording my own experience giving birth naturally when the time came.

Sometimes I think that I need to do everything just so, like I have to be really consistent with my blog or it bugs me.  Example: I wrote a blog about Alex at 2 months, but not at 1 month.  I began the 3 month post, but never finished it and now he’s 4 days away from turning 4 months.  This kind of thing bugs me so much that it puts me in a kind of freeze and I end up blogging about nothing.  It’s kind of like how after Alex was born I didn’t blog about the newborn days because I wanted to write and post his birth story first (the whole chronological order thing), but it took me a really long time to get that done!

I need this blog.  It’s not really about educating or informing other people anymore (though I do still think that’s important), but it’s more about giving me a place to write down and share what I’m going through as a new mother.  It was an invaluable outlet for me during pregnancy too.

So, instead of pressuring myself to do everything just right, instead of feeling like I have to craft my blog as a perfect record of Alex’s life, I need to relax and just blog when the mood strikes me and about what I feel like writing about at the moment.  I’ve had all kinds of wandering blog post ideas over the past months that have just never come to fruition because I felt I needed to write or finish another post first.  If I’m not excited about a post, though, it can sit in my drafts for a very very long time while I write nothing.

Not all moms blog.  Many don’t preserve any written record of their child’s life, so I shouldn’t pressure myself to make my record perfect. Anything is better than nothing.  Ido want some of y posts to be wonderful memories that Alex is able to look back on later and learn about his earliest days, but there may not be a perfectly consistent record of what happened every week (or, let’s face it, every month).

So what is going on in my life today?  Well, Alex and I had a very traumatic car ride to meet friends for sushi this evening.  He skipped his third nap, today of all days (and that merely means that instead of sleeping after being awake for 90 minutes as per usual, he stayed awake and caught his second wind), and that meant that he was extremely tired and crying the entire way there.  I got him out of his car seat when we got there, and he had his little reddened eyes squeezed tightly shut with tears spurting out of them.  He couldn’t even stop crying to look at me or notice that I was there.  Tiredness was written all over his face, and he was just miserable.  In my arms, blanket around him, pacifier in his mouth, walking into the restaurant, he began to relax.  But then my friends said hi as we neared the door and something about the unfamiliarity or unexpectedness of their voices caused him to suddenly wail louder and more frantically than I have ever heard him before!  He was beside himself crying miserably, unable to catch a breath or calm down at all.  I’ve never heard him cry quite like that it just about broke my heart.  Everyone in the restaurant looked quite startled at the heart-renching sound.  He was too upset to nurse even, so I ended up walking around the restaurant with him covered with a blanket and he fell asleep very quickly in my arms.  I hated hated to see him so upset and I kind of wished I hadn’t even tried to come.  Then my friend’s husband kept making comments about our road trip coming up on Friday and how we should just give him NyQuil.  I found it so annoying, mostly because I was just so stressed from the drive there, and partly because I’m dreading the 3-day road trip with a baby who hates his car seat…

It’s better now.  Alex went to sleep late, and with some crying, but my husband held and bounced him to sleep and it was nice to be relieved of most of bedtime duty for a change (lately he has been nursing to sleep in bed for naps and nights, but having trouble because he’s in a developmental leap/sleep regression/teething).  Alex and my husband are now sleeping in bed and I’m “getting ready for bed”.

Good night.

P.S. I feel like I’ve been making a LOT more milk that last couple of days and I’m not sure why.  Maybe Alex is nursing less?  I don’t think I ate anything different except for a boiled egg yesterday.


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  1. laughingpromises
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 06:13:51

    Aw, isn’t it the worst when they cry and can’t get settled? Cody has been like that all week this week due to overtiredness. I finally broke down and bought Babywise on kindle and am going to see what I think of it. Kelly from Life is Good Today off handedly mentioned in her post today that her little one is sleeping through the night already due to babywise. So, we’ll see. So far I’m enjoying the read. Anyway, I hope Alex gets some good sleep from now on so you can both relax and enjoy any outings you have.


    • travelnole
      Apr 10, 2013 @ 12:08:30

      He usually sleeps well unless he misses a nap. Then, oh no! 🙂 I can really tell a difference when he is overtired. I’d recommend the book The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Book. It’s been the most helpful to me as it actually helps you understand the natural rhythms of your baby’s sleep. The main premise is that your baby will most naturally be tired 90 minutes after waking up, so that is the most effective time to begin soothing them to sleep. It really really helped me to know when to expect Alex to nap. That and co-sleeping saved us from overtiredness. Alex generally gets plenty of daytime sleep and sleeps all night- waking to nurse but not really even waking (and neither do I). I’ve also read Babywise. It’s a pretty controversial book; my midwife almost flipped when she saw that I had it, lol. I think that some parts of it can be useful, but I don’t feel it encourages you to really follow a routine that works best for your individual baby. I also keep hearing of moms who follow Babywise and then “lose” their milk supply around the 4-6 month mark, probably because of scheduling feedings and reducing them to have fewer in a 24 hour period. The whole book in general gives terrible breastfeeding advice, in my opinion. I do NOT want to compromise my supply so I’m trying to stay far away from feeding reduction and scheduling. I feel that the more times Alex nurses per day, the better, since I can be sure he’ll keep my milk supply where it needs to be! Anyway, good luck figuring out sleep. It’s been my biggest obsession since Alex was born, and I still have so much to learn! OH! Read the Wonder Weeks book! It will save you SO much confusion and frustration!!! 🙂


      • laughingpromises
        Apr 10, 2013 @ 19:14:56

        I will add both of those books to my list! I know Babywise is controversial but decided to read it and see what I think. I certainly don’t want any more supply issues, so I probably won’t be as strict as he says with the feedings.

  2. andi
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 03:08:30

    Nyquil?!? Oh man you know how many kids come into the ER from accedental overdoses? We then have to call cps. Its so dangerous to do that if the child isn’t sick. Please please never do it just to get them to sleep.


    • travelnole
      Apr 29, 2013 @ 17:12:27

      Yeah, I would NEVER! I hardly have ever taken it myself, so why would I give it to a baby! The guy was just trying to be funny, but it still pissed me off, lol.


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