Alex is Two Months Old!

Whaddya think?  Future heartbreaker?

Whaddya think? Future heartbreaker?

My baby boy is two months old as of yesterday!  I wish I’d done a special post for one month, mostly just to satisfy the OCD in me, but I think a month ago I was pretty much still in basic survival mode, haha!

Yesterday was a special day because I think Alex is finished with his eight week developmental leap fussiness!  I hope so, even though that would mean it coincided with his birthdate instead of his due date, which is not how it’s supposed to happen.  I think that’s the way it’s happening though as his five week leap went according to birthdate as well.  Maybe his due date was a little off?  I’m really not sure how that could be possible, but he did seem really ready when he was born, and I can’t imagine how my body could have ever thought to grow him any bigger than he was!  Anyway, if he is past his leap, that means that we made it through that!  I definitely began to notice a difference in him the past couple of days, a new awareness and growth.

Let me summarize the important stuff  for you and share a few of my favorite recent pictures.


This simple sling is easy to put on and puts Alex to sleep like magic. Unfortunately it also makes my back hurt. Grrr.

I love this picture.  Alex gets a bath from Daddy every night before bed.

I love this picture. Alex gets a bath from Daddy every night before bed.


A biggie, right?  Well, before the leap, Alex had his first couple of nights of sleeping 4-5 hours at a time.  During the leap we were back down to 2-2.5 hours.  The last couple of nights?  4-5 hours again!!  I’m so excited!  I unfortunately had trouble going to sleep last night (whaaaat??) so I didn’t fully reap the benefits, but I’m excited about the prospect of this continuing!  He still has a pretty late bedtime- 10:00 maybe?  It’s tough to  tell because we don’t exactly put him in bed until we go to bed also, but we try to pay attention to when he’s ready to start those long sleeps and call that the start of his night.  We try to have his bath done and his pj’s on before that time comes.  For now, Alex sleeps in our bed next to me.  I never planned to bedshare, but we all get the most sleep this way, and that’s what seems most important at this point.  I love sleeping with him, but I do look forward to be able to roll over during the night and pull my covers up around my head again.  I currently feel a little stiff and sore by morning….



I’ve definitely noticed a difference in Alex’s nursing lately.  For one, he’s more efficient.  He used to easily spend 45 minutes nursing.  Now it’s usually more like 20, and he can pretty much drain one breast in 5 minutes.  I like to still keep him on there for at least 10 minutes to make sure he gets plenty of hindmilk.  We seemed to have a bit of a problem with oversupply for a few weeks, so I’m extra conscious of that.  The frequency that he wants to nurse has decreased as well.  This decreased during his leap.  I still and always have nursed on demand, so I try not to worry about how many times a day he’s nursing, as long as he seems satisfied after every session.  I guess he is nursing between 6 and 10 times a day now.  He usually wakes once or twice during the night (between 10pm and 7am) to nurse.  Maybe 3 times.  Like I said, he just began to sleep longer again so I’m really not sure what it is!  Thirdly, Alex is beginning to be really distracted while he’s nursing.  Last night I actually had to toss a cover over his head so he’d concentrate enough to finish!  He wants to stare at the lights, the shadows on the ceiling, or my face (now that makes me melt!) all while gulping milk.  It’s ok with me except he kind of turns his head and tries to suck with the corner of his mouth which kinda hurts….  He still sometimes doesn’t have the best latch, but it’s getting better.  He’s lazy though, and will slide a bit and I’ll have to unlatch and relatch him.  Oh well.  And when the flow slows down he grunts and squeals and thrashes his head about like a little piglet.  Stinker!


Smiles like this are plentiful these days.


Alex doesn’t scream and cry during diaper changes anymore unless he’d rather be nursing or sleeping- yay! He actually has this one spot on the door or ceiling or something that tickles him so much he pretty much smiles at it every time. What are you looking at, little boy?


After diaper changes, I usually lay him in his crib for a few minutes while I clean up.  I wind up the musical giraffe and he likes to listen to that.  I usually quiets him if he’s crying, and it often brings a smile to his face.  The owl mobile I made him is his newest favorite thing, though.  He looooves it and will watch it  for as long as he’s in there.  If I spin it, he gets a huge grin on his face.  Yesterday I would say “Ready, set… GO!”  and then spin it!  He would jump with his whole body when it spun and then do a silent laugh- so adorable!  I came up today and spun it without warning and he jumped and then started crying- oops, I scared him.  😦




I’m watching for the new developmental changes from his eight week leap.  So far I’ve noticed that Alex can roll from his side onto his back or tummy (yesterday he was rolling on his back so he could keep looking at the owls 🙂 ), he loves to look at lights, faces, shadows from the architecture on the ceiling, and I think I saw him studying the trees out the window today when I was trying to get him to sleep.  Faces are his favorite, though, and he especially studies mine (which I love!).  He is putting his hands in his mouth a lot more, and sometimes when I put my hand near his face to let him suck my finger or to give him his duda (paci), he really uses his hands to pull my hand in.  It’s adorable.  I think the thing I’m looking forward to most right now is for him to discover his hands and to start trying to grab things with them!  Alex is doing well with supporting his head.  Every once in awhile he surprises us by how upright he can hold it, and he did a little push-up the other day off of his daddy’s chest.


in his big boy clothes


Grandparents= mucho excited
Alex= not sure


Alex is now 24 inches long and at least 12 pounds (probably a little more, but we haven’t had a really precise weighing in a few weeks).  His head is bigger around, and he’s filled out until people are beginning to refer to him as chubby.  I love this because of the nursing, weight loss, and dehydration issues we had in the beginning (I’ll blog all about that later).  He’s outgrown his newborn clothes by a long shot, fits into 0-3 month clothing and now actually fits his 3 month clothing so well that I wonder if he’ll still be able to wear them at 3 months??  😛

My beautiful boy

My beautiful boy

Alex brings so much joy to his daddy and me!  We love him so much, more every day, and LOVE watching him grow.  Don’t grow up too fast, Alex!  🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kendra
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 01:33:36

    AH I love your posts. That first picture kills me. And the grandparents! So adorable! He looks so big, like the size of Gracie. She was 13 pounds in December so I wonder how much she is now.

    Glad I’m not the only one who slept that way when co-sleeping. I never understand how people can co-sleep. Don’t their shoulders get cold? I always get so cold and stiff.

    Alex is sooooo adorable!! Those squishy sleeping lips! 8 weeks is a great age, and things just get easier. I miss those newborn days though! 🙂


    • travelnole
      Feb 16, 2013 @ 08:14:20

      Yep, he is a big boy. Our last weigh was 12.6 pounds with clothes and diaper!

      I have a love/hate relationship with co-sleeping. Thankfully sleeping next to Alex really heats me up, but I’ve had to start wearing more clothes to bed and YES the stiffness! Ugh.


  2. Raquel Molczan
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 23:17:52

    Heartbreaker indeed! If only my 19 month saw these pics, she’d be drooling! Lol in all seriousness, he’s absolutely adorable! He’s getting so big and the looks if it, your little family seems happy and healthy.


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