A Day in the Life- Eight Weeks Old pt. 2

Hi it’s me, Alex.  I’m going to tell you about what a day in my life is like.  Mommy did a pretty good job yesterday, but who could know about my day better than me?  Also, I was eight weeks old yesterday, not today.  Mommy got it wrong.  She said something about it being because she hasn’t slept since I was born or something like that, but it all sounded like a big excuse to me.

Anyway, here’s what I did today:

10:30pm (last night)-1:25am I fell asleep in bed next to Daddy and I guess Mommy moved me over by her after I was already asleep because when I woke up that’s where I was.  Mommy didn’t take a picture of this because it was really dark.  She looked really tired, but I didn’t care because I was super super hungry!

1:26am For some reason, Mommy decided to change my diaper instead of feeding me!  This made me really upset, so I screamed really loudly the whole time to try to let her know that I was HUNGRY!!

1:36am- 1:49 am I guess all the crying I did really worked because Mommy fed me!  It made me so happy and really sleepy too.

1:50am- 4:35am I slept beside Mommy this whole time.

4:37am-5:02am Yay, Mommy fed me right away this time!  I know she loves to change my diaper, though, so I made sure I did a nice big poopy while she was feeding me.  I thought it would give her something to look forward to for after I was done eating.

5:05am Mommy changed my diaper.  I hope she liked it.

5:58am-8:25am I’d been pretty tired after all the milk Mommy fed me, but the diaper change really woke me up, so it took me awhile to get to sleep.  Mommy held me, though, and I finally was able to sleep.

8:26am-8:57am I was REALLY hungry this time, so I drank a lot of Mommy’s milk, and from both sides, too.

When I was full, Mommy let me sit facing her and she sang some songs with me and took some pictures of me. I had a lot of fun.  Mommy smiled at me and I was really happy so I smiled back!  Mommy ate the plate of food Daddy had brought her before he went wherever he goes every day.  She said it was cold but still good.  I prefer milk myself.


9:27am I had made another nice poopy for Mommy, so she changed my diaper.  Then she took me back to the bed and said it was time for a nap.  She let me lay on the left side of her this time since Daddy wasn’t there.  After she held me and rocked me for a few minutes, I went to sleep.

10:10am-12pm I took my first nap of the day.  Mommy said she was really tired and slept too.  I think I actually woke up before she did, silly Mommy.

12:01pm-12:11pm When I woke up, I was feeling pretty happy at first, but then I got extremely hungry, so Mommy fed me.
After I ate, we did some talking and singing again, but Mommy kept saying stuff about my diaper.  She was afraid it was going to leak; I’m not sure why.
12:20pm  I made another big poo for Mommy.  I try to be a good boy like that.

After I had a clean diaper on, Mommy put me in the thing she calls a “crib” and said she had to “get ready for the day”.  She says this every morning, I’ve noticed.  That’s ok.  I like to lay in my crib and look at stuff.  There’s also this giraffe that plays music.  Mommy makes it sing after every diaper change, probably because she’s so happy about what I did.
12:35pm I got tired of being in my crib, so Mommy put me on this round circle on the floor.  There are some things hanging over my head when I lay on it, and I guess they’re interesting.  It’s a lot more fun when Mommy makes them do sounds.  I like to watch her face when they squeak and stuff.  I think she really enjoys it.  This time, though, she didn’t play with them very long.  I guess she was still getting “ready for the day”, so she gave me duda and left.

12:45pm Uh-oh!!  Mommy came in and said that my diaper was leaking onto the green circle!
She put another diaper on me and then I had to lay in the “crib” while she took the green thing apart.  I guess my diaper had leaked all the way through it onto the carpet and Mommy put her knee in it by accident.  It was really funny, but I tried hard not to laugh because Mommy didn’t.

Mommy had taken off my jammies when they got pee-peed on, so she put some daytime clothes on me.  There’s an elephant on my butt.  I guess I’m ok with that, but I’d rather have it where I can see it.  Maybe on Mommy’s clothes.


After all that, I was really really tired.  Thankfully, Mommy put me in the sling and bounced on the blue ball with me to help me go to sleep.

1:05pm-1:40pm I woke up, but I wasn’t in the sling anymore!  Mommy must have moved me to this other green place on the floor.  I hate it when she does that.
It was pretty comfy, though, so I just looked around for awhile after I woke up.  Because Mommy watches me while I nap, I get to sleep on my side and be covered with a fuzzy blanket. This is much better for me than on my back because I don’t spit up as much.  Every time I spit up, it wakes me up and then I have a hard time getting back to sleep.

Then I cried to let Mommy know I was hungry.  She was eating something strange on a plate.  She always eats the most bizarre things.  I don’t know why she would want to eat anything that’s not milk, especially when she has so much of it!

1:52pm-2:00pm I drank some of Mommy’s milk, but I only took 8 minutes.  I spit up a lot afterward and I cried because it hurt my throat 😦

Mommy put me in my bouncy chair while she finished eating that stuff on the plate, but I didn’t really want to be in there.  She put me in her lap, but I couldn’t see the skylights very well from there.  Finally she put me on the Boppy pillow and I carefully studied the skylights for several minutes… until I spit up again, which made me really upset.

2:30pm Mommy told me I must be tired (Hmmm, she might be right), and she took me to get my diaper changed before naptime.  After that she put me in this long green piece of stuff that she has to wrap around her first (I hate that it takes her so long to do this), and bounced me on the blue ball again.

3:00pm-4:29pm I slept in the green wrap thingy.  When I woke up I was pretty hungry again.

4:30pm-4:52pm Mommy fed me.  Yum!

5:08pm-5:12pm I guess Mommy thought I was done eating the first time.  Maybe it was because I kinda fell asleep…. Sometimes I can trick her this way.  She thinks I’m full, but…. I’M NOT!  It’s hilarious.  Anyway, I wanted to eat again a little bit, and THEN I fell asleep for real.

5:15pm-6:34pm I fell asleep on Mommy, and I guess then she moved me to that green thing on the floor.  I actually had a  pretty good sleep for awhile all snuggled up in my blanket.   I felt pretty happy when I woke up, and I smiled at Mommy while she changed my wet diaper.  Also, Daddy was home, which was AWESOME!  I really miss him when he’s gone all day.  Mommy told me he goes somewhere called “work”.  I guess it must be really fun if he goes every day.

6:34pm Did I say my diaper was wet?  It was wet AND poopy- YAY!!!

6:42pm-7:07pm After I said hi to Daddy for a minute, Mommy fed me again!  I wasn’t super super hungry, so it was a pretty relaxed meal.  Afterward, Daddy held me for a long time while I looked carefully at all the lights strung around the room.  Mommy says she’s going to take them down because they’re for Christmas (whatever that is), but I really hope she doesn’t because I looooooove to look at them!

7:45pm Daddy changed my diaper because I’d made a nice poopy for him, too!


8:05pm I fell asleep on Daddy with my duda in my mouth 🙂


10 minute nap- Fist Pump!!

8:15pm I’m awake again!  Did I sleep long?

8:20pm-8:39pm Mommy fed me 🙂


8:40pm-8:50pm I fell asleep on Mommy after she fed me, but when she handed me over to Daddy I woke up.  This room is so exciting at night with all the lights to look at!


8:58pm– I tried so hard to stay awake to look at the lights, but I got super sleepy and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  I finally fell asleep and slept for a long time.  I think Daddy fell asleep too.  We both slept so long that when Mommy woke up Daddy it was already too late for my bath (I only know this because I heard them talking about it later when Mommy was nursing me.  I slept until 12:29am.).  I was kinda sad I didn’t have my bath.  When Daddy gives me a nice warm bath it’s one of my favorite parts of the day!  I love love love sitting in the warm water, and I like feeling clean.  I DON’T like how cold it feels when Daddy takes me out of my bath and moves me to my towel- Brrrr!   I always cry a lot so he knows I don’t like it.  If I only cry a little bit, though, he cheers and says “You did it!” so maybe I should try to be more brave about it.  It does feel nice and warm once I get to the towel and Daddy makes me all nice and dry and smiles and kisses me a lot. 🙂  I think Mommy and Daddy need to start doing my bath earlier though because after about 9pm I want to just eat and sleep and that’s it.


Well, that’s it.  That was my day.  It’s pretty hard work being me, I know, but I really like spending my days with Mommy and getting to see Daddy when he comes home from “work”.  I always know that when I need something Mommy and Daddy will try to figure out what it is.  They don’t always get it right, but at least they try!  They tell me they love me about  a million times a day and I get tons of kisses too.  Oh, and I get cuddles anytime I want, which are the best!  🙂



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kendra
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 20:14:24

    This was the best post ever! SOOO adorable! And sounds familiar! Yet so long ago. You’re doing a great job!


  2. Raquel {The HeART}
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 16:21:36

    Ohhh he is just too cute for words! you’re a wonderful mommy–a total natural! so happy you and your hubby getting the hang of it. it’s so tough (especially those first 3 months), but so worth it….as i’m sure you already know. just wait until he starts interacting and smiling at you. I really enjoyed these pictures. motherhood is amazing!


    • travelnole
      Feb 11, 2013 @ 19:12:51

      Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, it’s hard (today especially) and yes it’s definitely worth it every time he gives me those adorable grins! I feel like I still have so much to learn though.


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