The Nursery Furniture Is In!

We’ve had our crib and dresser for a couple of weeks now, but we finally got our glider last night, so now I can finally do my furniture post.  We ended up buying our crib and dresser and Buy Buy Baby.  We were really excited to find out that we could use our 20% off coupons on furniture there!  I was originally thinking that we could fit a crib, plus a tall dresser, plus a long dresser/changer in the nursery… not sure why I thought that!  It’s really a much smaller room than I realized.  Anyway, I was trying to find 3 piece sets that fell into our price range (I found the best 3-piece deals at JC Penny, though they didn’t actually have the set we were considering in the stores, so we couldn’t go look at it, and my husband really hated that), but once we realized we were only getting 2 pieces, that made the search a whole lot easier.  The furniture was a gift from my in-laws, but I still checked out some used stuff on Craigslist for awhile.  Finally I gave up.  There are some great deals on there if you aren’t already set on specific colors and styles, which I pretty much was.  I love love love espresso finish, and we wanted the convertible-type crib so that Baby can use this set for the next 18 or so years.  I felt drawn to some nurseries I’ve seen that are so economical and clever- with second-hand, refurbished furniture and mismatched but coordinating pieces, but I’m not so good at pulling that off, I guess.  It makes me feel guilty that I couldn’t do a super-cheap nursery, but I always feel that way about spending money even when we can afford it.  It’s weird.

We first looked at Babies R Us and liked some of the stuff they had, but with the Buy Buy Baby coupons, we ended up getting a better deal there (and liked that set better anyway).  We picked the Davenport Baby Appleseed crib in espresso.  They had the crib in stock, thankfully.  There were a couple of different long dressers available- the regular one with all drawers and the dresser/changer with drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other.  The dresser/changer was discontinued, but they just happened to have one leftover in the back that they’d delivered to someone who ended up wanting the other one.  They had us inspect it since it was out of the box and it was in perfect condition, save for a slight scratch on one corner that the sales lady repaired with the original stain while we stood there.  Because it was out of the box, however, we got 30% off in addition to our 20% coupon!  I was super excited about that!  I also felt really really lucky that they’d had that one for us because if we’d had to order the other kind of dresser it would have taken 14-16 weeks to arrive…. my mouth kind of fell open when the lady said that because we didn’t have that kind of time anymore!  We did order a matching nightstand which won’t arrive for several months still, but that’s ok.  When it does arrive, I plan to use it as a table beside the glider to hold a lamp, my breastfeeding paraphernalia, books, and whatever else I might want while sitting there nursing for hours on end 🙂  Until then I’ll do something makeshift.

Anyway, here they are!



When it comes to Craigslist, I WAS more successful in my glider search.  I felt pretty discouraged when I first saw the prices of new gliders in stores, especially the nice ones!   We sat in a few when we were furniture shopping, and my husband decided that the Dutailiers were the most comfortable (and I agreed, plus everyone does seem to love their Dutailier gliders), so I searched for just that brand on Craigslist.  We bought one listed at $150, which is at least $250 less than the most inexpensive Dutailier glider I’ve seen for sale new.   It is in VERY good shape, which is something that most of the used ones I found were not.   The wood is not as dark as our crib and dresser, but it’s still pretty dark and we can always re-stain it later if we really want to.  The cushions were listed as being a “soft yellow” which I was kinda worried about, but I really could not tell from the picture.  When we looked at it last night in the seller’s home, the cushions looked much more beige-y than yellow, so we decided it was perfect.  In our house…. they look pretty yellow, which is kind of a bummer…. (It’s also a bummer that my photo is kinda blurry and still doesn’t look as yellow as it does in real life).  On the plus side, the fabric is NOT microfiber!  I really hate microfiber because it always ends up looking so NASTY after awhile.  People with kids always seem to have microfiber furniture, and I don’t understand why.  Even water spilled on unprotected microfiber makes it look absolutely filthy!


But I threw a couple blankets around and that made me feel better 🙂  I could sew some slipcovers for it later on (and I may do it since I recently purchased a sewing machine and am now obsessed with sewing- another topic altogether 😀 )


We found an organic mattress at Buy Buy Baby last night that (with another beautiful coupon) ended up being a better deal than the ones I found on Amazon, so we were able to bring that home right away and I could finally put the bedding on the crib.  Baby won’t really be sleeping in there for the first few weeks as we plan to have him/her in our room for awhile, but it still felt nice to put on sheets.  We got the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Plus Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress, which has a firmer side for an infant and a slightly softer side for a toddler.  I was interested in getting the lightweight version of this mattress, but my husband thought it might not last as long….  I felt my reasons for wanting to consider it were justified as I struggled to lift the thing and put the tight tight sheets on, but I guess I’ll live. 🙂  After we meet Baby and know if we have a son or daughter, I do plan to sew a crib skirt using pink or orange.  🙂


I’m really excited because our nursery is coming together nicely!  Just a few finishing touches that we’ll hopefully do today, and it will be completed (there is still the trim to put in, but somehow I’m not worried about that in the slightest).

*note: I put a lot of links in my posts for stuff that I buy, but I’m not affiliated with these companies in any way!  I just want to make it easy for readers to find the exact same if they would like.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the heart & art
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 18:16:32

    looking good! i like the walls and the dark furniture.


  2. andi
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 21:38:20

    i LOVE the crib


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