34 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Uncomfortable, Slowing Down

So, just 6 weeks until our due date- wow!  I can hardly believe it’s that close; time has really flown.  Last week went so quickly and I both hope and fear that every remaining week will be the same.  On on hand, I still have so much that I want to do before Baby arrives that I feel I need time to slow down (because I’ve really slowed down lately and can’t seem to accomplish more than one thing per day), and on the other hand I need time to fly by because I am REALLY feeling the vying for space between Baby and my internal organs.  I swear things have ramped up in the last 3-4 days and Baby must have put on another pound and several more inches.  I feel SO full at the same time that I feel SO hungry.  It’s just extremely uncomfortable.  I feel a lot of pressure on my ribs and in my pelvis, and I feel a little crampy too- all through my pelvis.  Braxton Hicks increase the feeling, making me very uncomfortable (you could call it painful).  It had occurred to me that Baby might be trying to change positions but I REALLY hope not because I’m happy with the way she’s been for the last couple of months: head down with the bulk of her body on the side that doesn’t hurt….. I’m also getting a sort of breathless/hard to breath feeling a lot that I presume is caused by the baby crowding out my diaphragm so it’s like my lungs can’t fully expand.  Sometimes the little darling’s feet push against my right ribs so violently that I gasp and have to push them out of the way, and of course there are the punches to the bladder or cervix- sharp pains that make me jump right out of my seat.  Sleep is becoming difficult.  I’ll be almost asleep and then have to roll over because my ribs are aching on one side… and then I’m awake… and then I have to pee again… and then Baby wakes and begins kicking everywhere…. and  then I get another painful contraction.  At least I appear to be out of the phase where I couldn’t get to sleep at all until 3 am every night. So that’s my string of complaints, in case you thought I was living in bliss just about now.  🙂

I can tell that, by the time this baby is born, I’ll be more than ready to have our little angel out and in our arms!


Other rambling thoughts:

I need to make an appointment to see a chiropractor soon, just to make sure that everything’s lined up well in my pelvis.  I also need to use the massage gift card that my co-workers gave me- that will feel SOOOOO good! I’m so so bad about getting on the ball and making appointments.

I feel extremely waddly lately.  I would almost say that the baby has “dropped”, but I’d think breathing would be easier if that were the case.  Also, I don’t expect lightening to happen quite so soon, so I’m guessing Baby has just grown… and is still growing.

My new plan, during these last weeks that I presume will become more and more uncomfortable, is to have one major thing to accomplish each day.  Once I finish that, I can always do some smaller things, but at least I would have finished one big thing and feel like I had a successful day.  Yesterday, my goal was to finish the nursery painting- done!  Today, it’s to prep my iris for transplanting.  That involves digging, washing, dividing, cutting, and organizing, but it really should be something I can get done today. I’m dreading it a little though because of the cold weather, but I should have done this about two months ago, so I have only myself to blame.

Other day-goals include stripping diapers and washing all the baby stuff, cleaning the bathrooms, finishing all the thank you cards, and writing our birth plan. That’s the plan, and we’ll see how it works.

Also, I seem to feel like blogging a lot lately, so you might hear from me often 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laughingpromises
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 16:43:16

    I hope we do hear from you often! I love reading your posts.

    As far as baby changing positions, maybe it’s just turning from posterior to anterior, which will be less painful and make your birth easier. Then you won’t get that back labor that some women get. I’ll be praying that’s what’s happening. 🙂


    • travelnole
      Nov 05, 2012 @ 23:42:17

      Thanks! I don’t think Baby was/is really posterior though, but kinda halfway between or maybe anterior. Idk. I think I’ve at least confirmed that he is still head down because of where the hiccups were today, so that’s good.

      I feel better today (not feeling the crampiness and breathing is easier), so maybe I just ate WAY too much this weekend. We were at my in-laws house for lunch Saturday and I always eat too much there and then feel horrible. Ugh. 😛


      • laughingpromises
        Nov 06, 2012 @ 03:18:11

        Haha I’m having that problem lately, too. I put as much on my plate as I would’ve eaten pre-pregnancy and then realise what a big mistake it is after I can’t move. Glad you’re feeling better.

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