Painting the Nursery- Striped Accent Wall

Finally, the nursery is painted!  I’m so excited about the way it looks.  I’m also happy to be done because it was hard work, though a few of those days while working on it I felt SO GOOD, like I got on some kind of project high.

Here are my before pictures:

This is the wall immediately to the right of the doorway

This is the wall across from the doorway and the one window in the room. It brings in a lot of natural light, which I love. The wall on the left is taken up mostly by the closet and has a funny little jog in it, which you’ll see in later photos.

The walls, in case you can’t tell, started out as a basic off-white.













Step #1 Painting the grey walls

This is the corner to the right of the window

So, silly me, I didn’t actually get a proper picture after my mother-in-law worked so hard painting three sides of the room grey, which you can see on the left wall there.

Step #2 Painting the base color on the accent wall

We decided to paint 3 walls grey and make the fourth an accent wall with green and white stripes, so my mother-in-law first painted the entire wall white.

Step #3 Prepping the wall for stripes

You can see here that I have begun to put up tape.  There are a variety of methods for measuring and taping.  Some people begin measuring in the middle of the wall and just have wider or narrower stripes when they reach the corners.  I guess I’m a little too OCD for that (or I like to make things harder on myself), so I measured and remeasured until each stripe was just exactly the same….

I then had to use a level all the way up the wall as I taped each stripe.  If I’d wanted to make it simpler, I could have used a piece of tape as a “measuring stick” at the bottom of the wall, made some marks, moved it to the top of the wall to make some more marks, and then laid my tape lines.  OR I could have used a laser level to project a line onto the wall.  I could have then traced the laser line and used it as my guide when putting down the tape.  HOWEVER, I didn’t do any of those things and my tape was super straight and wonderful (never mind that it was the longest taping job in history).  The point is, you can do this however you’d like, as long as your tape is straight!  Also, make sure that you put the tape edge on the outside of the space to be painted (notice that the stripes that will not be painted are narrower than the ones that will be painted).

I put some pieces of tape in the spaces that would NOT be painted green just so I wouldn’t get horribly confused.  Foolproof!

Now, at this point (and especially if you have a textured wall, which I did not), it would be a great idea to “seal” the tape edges with your base color to prevent any bleed through.  This would mean painting a thin layer of white at the point where tape meets wall.  Even if it bled through then, it would just blend in with the white stripe.  Another option is to just mash the heck out of your tape with your thumb or a credit card.  I chose to mash the heck out of it because I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for the white to dry again.  I almost regretting not sealing the tape because I was very nervous all day that I’d have bleed through.  Keep reading to see how my shortcut worked…

Step #4 Painting the first coat of green

Time to get painting!  The one important thing to remember here (besides not getting sloppy), is that your first coat should be thin and even. 

Step #5 Painting the second coat of green

I read the directions on the paint can for recoat time (4 hours) and as soon as 4 hours had passed I began putting on the second coat.  The first coat, I could tell right away, was plenty dry enough.  Whew!

Step #6 Removing the tape

Do this AS SOON AS you finish your second coat!  You want to remove the tape before the second coat dries, or you will have a mess of peeling paint.  I was actually super nervous about this step because I couldn’t seem to get a straight answer in my searching concerning why it was ok to let the first coat dry but not the second.  Thankfully, my fears were for naught and the tape came off PERFECTLY!  😀

Step #7 Admiring the finished wall!

Mashing the heck out of the tape, I am happy to say, worked very well this time, as my lines were just about perfect (and from more than 6 inches away they ARE perfect)!  I love love love this wall and can’t believe how it transforms the room!




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laughingpromises
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 18:31:51

    It looks awesome! I wish we could paint our little one’s room, but we’re renting. In Australia, they don’t let you paint if you’re renting. We’ll still make it cute in other ways, though, just not paint. I LOVE this, though! Well done, Mama!


    • travelnole
      Nov 04, 2012 @ 22:04:24

      Thanks! Yeah, there are so many ways to make a space cute without paint. I’m sure you’ll do a great job, too!


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