33 Weeks Pregnant: nesting, Nesting, NESTING!

Yes, I believe nesting has hit.  I’m not sure when it started really, because even before I quit working I was feeling so anxious to just do stuff at home.  I kinda resented going to work every day and taking care of other people’s children when all that was on my mind was my own growing little baby.  Anyway, first it was the organizing.  I basically reorganized my entire house.  Now it’s the decorating and baby stuff gathering.  All I think about is the nursery and related things.  I can (and do) spend hours each day just pouring over nursery pictures and making spreadsheets of diapers bags that I might get (yes, that was my evening tonight).

I both love and hate nesting.  I love it because I have tons of energy sometimes and the creativity is just there, but I hate it because I can’t turn it off!!  “Why is that bad?” my husband asked….  Well, because I want to be able to go to sleep at night!  In my normal life (defined as when I’m not pregnant), it takes me about an hour to wind down after a normal day and go to sleep.  Now… well, it’s been taking 2 or 3 hours lately.  :/  Friday night I was really really tired and aaaallllmmmost fell asleep after lying in bed for 30 minutes, despite the fact that my brain was running a million miles a minute, but then my ribs began to ache and I had to turn over and then- it was all over.  I was awake and my brain was awake even though I so badly wanted to go to sleep.  I ended up getting up, going downstairs, and spending about 2 hours sewing a tiny owl out of scraps of this and that before I could finally go back to bed and sleep!  Insane!  Who does that??

This little guy is going to be used in my next project: an owl mobile to hang above the changing table.

And now.  It’s 1am.  I have done everything I can do regarding the diaper bag search and I know that tomorrow I need to visit some stores and look at some bags in person, but….  I still cannot shut my brain off.  So I’m writing this blog hoping it will help.

Of course, once I get to sleep, there are other issues.  Like the fact that I have to pee a million times during the night.  And the fact that usually once I have to go badly enough to wake up and get up, I’m having a pretty intense contraction because of it.  So then I’m trying to roll over and stand up during a contraction that, while nothing like a real labor contraction I’m sure, still feels like a giant boulder inside me- pushing on my bladder and every other organ.  Uncomfortable at the very least.

Notice the bladder and stomach. Squished.

🙂  I love being pregnant.  Tonight I saw my shape in the mirror before I stepped into my glorious bath and I thought it was fantastic!  My tummy is so big and rounded and I’m super happy with it.  I think I’ll miss it even though yesterday I was breaking down and crying to my husband that I feel “big and awkward”.  But that was mostly regarding pregnant sex.  A whole other topic.

Today we bought our stroller and had fun trying out the different options and pushing it around the house with a stuffed lamb inside.  😛  I loved seeing my husband getting into it a little bit and making me promise that we’d go on walks all the time with our baby in it.

Yes, it can be used as a double because we plan to have at least 2 kids 🙂

Ok, I’m going to try to sleep now.  After I pee again.  Of course.




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  1. laughingpromises
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 06:21:01

    I’ve only had a couple of days of nesting so far in this pregnancy, but I expect it to hit in the next few weeks as it has hit you. Amazing that God gave us this instinct. And, I totally relate in regards to the pregnancy sex. Totally awkward with my bigger tummy!


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