Bodily Changes

So while trying on some pre-pregnancy dresses tonight (trying to find something to wear with brown tights tomorrow so I don’t have to shave my legs… Yes, I’m putting that off now as much as I can), I realized that I’ve lost the small of my back! That’s right- along with my waist, gone long ago, my back now comes down in a straight line to my butt (which, by the way, has looked really gross and saggy to me lately). It all comes together to present a very unflattering silhouette in ALL of my normal dresses. Simply fitting into them is no longer the main issue, and I’m really beginning to see the point of maternity clothes!  Those evil dresses will be retiring to a dark corner for the next several months. I don’t have room in my life for clothes that make me look bad!

This comes, ironically, after I just freaked out a bit to my husband that I don’t feel like/can’t tell if my tummy is getting bigger anymore. I actually said “what if the baby is shrinking??” even though I know that’s crazy talk. But seriously sometimes I feel normal, forget about my tummy, and then lose my freaking mind because I think I must be too small!  I think I’ve just completely lost perspective at this point.


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