Near-Blackout Experience in Maui Airport

Scary experience today. We were in the airport waiting in a long line to go through security and I suddenly began to feel really sick. My legs were aching and I was feeling hot and tired and kinda crampy. I thought it must be because we’d been standing there so long, and I told my husband I really didn’t feel well and tried sitting on my suitcase while I waited. It just got worse, though, and by the time we got up to security, I was feeling nauseous and very lightheaded. I put my suitcase and shoes on the belt and walked through the metal detector, all the while feeling like I was going to pass out. I had to lean on the side of the belt and put my head down, not caring that I looked strange. Usually if I feel lightheaded for a bit, that will do the trick, but this time it was only getting worse. Things kept going grey, and I really started to get scared. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle; I’ve never been so close to blacking out in my life, and I was freaking out inside! My luggage wasn’t coming through, I didn’t see anywhere to sit down, my husband hadn’t come through the line yet, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt so out of control and in my head I was frantically praying for help.

Then my husband was there, leading me over to a bench, getting our stuff, telling me to wait. I sat with my head between my legs trying to stay awake, and my husband commented that I must have had a major blood sugar spike and crash. I realized he was right.  Before we had left the condo we’d rented, I’d finished off the cranberry juice in the fridge because I didn’t want to waste it, I guess…. It was a lot- a tall glass- and I’d regretted drinking so much of it at once because it had made me feel pretty nauseous on the way to the airport. Before that I’d eaten an early breakfast in bed consisting of two toaster waffles and some berries. So by the time we got to this point it was lunchtime and I hadn’t had much to eat, plus that huge glass of juice. I ate a couple of prunes that I had in my carry-on. That gave me enough energy to make it to the bathroom where I immediately emptied the contents of my stomach- not caring that everyone in the bathroom heard me or that my face was dangerously close to sometime else’s pee dribbles. Low point.

That admittedly made me feel better, but I was concerned that I now had an empty stomach. Unfortunately, we were about to miss our plane and didn’t have time to buy food in the airport, so I hurriedly picked the walnuts out of some trail mix I had and boarded the plane on unsteady feet. Once seated, my sweet husband got the flight attendant to hook me up with some pretzels and Canada Dry right away, and I began to feel better.

Yikes! That was undoubtedly my scariest pregnancy moment yet, symptom-wise, and I need to remember that even though I’m not experiencing morning sickness so badly any more, I still need to keep my blood sugar stable. :/ Lesson learned.  I’ve also never been more happy to be traveling with someone who can take care of me. I feel like if I’d been on my own I probably would have passed out, missed my plane, or both. Thank God for taking care of me and giving me this fantastic husband!


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  1. andi
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 04:36:57

    awww dennis rocks. 🙂 i’m glad you are ok


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