My Uterus is Normal!


I’m praying huge prayers of thanks right now because we had our ultrasound on the 28th and found that everything is normal with my uterus!!! What’s more, at the time of the scan, Baby was head-down, so we know FOR SURE that there is enough space to turn.

We hadn’t expected to get an ultrasound at all (unless we had a good reason), but as it turns out it was very exciting to see our little one for the first time on that screen! We got some super cute pics, and met a really nice doctor. He took some measurements, and actually measured the little wiggler as about a week older, telling us not to expect a small baby. To tell the truth though, I know that ultrasound measurements should be taken with a grain of salt (the margin of error is +/- 2 weeks), and I’m not worried in the least about the baby’s size. I just read that, barring diabetes and stuff like that, babies grow to match their mothers’ pelvis.

When the doctor scanned the upper part of my uterus, he turned the screen away because he said something may “pop up” that we’d told him we didn’t want to see. Sure enough, he said “Oh yes, I can clearly see….or not see….something!” Sounds like a boy to me 😉 Also, later he called the baby a he and then said, “Don’t worry I’m not trying to give anything away….or hide anything….” I know I shouldn’t be reading into his reaction or what he said, but it really only strengthened my feeling of late that it’s a boy…

Baby was super low in my pelvis, lower than the doctor said he would expect, so he wanted to look at my cervix to make sure it wasn’t too short, since that would be an indicator of preterm labor. Of course, because Baby’s head was down low behind my pubic bone, he couldn’t see my cervix. He pressed really hard into my lower tummy trying to move the baby’s head and thoooought maybe he saw it and that it was long enough, but couldn’t be sure. I really wished he could have gotten something more conclusive on that since he had brought it up and I knew I’d worry about it later…..

Anyway, what a huge relief to know that I DON’T have any kind of abnormal uterus! A wonderful answer to my prayers.

The doctor gave us a short warning speech about home birth, but he seemed really supportive nevertheless and offered to help if we ever need it. His practice is very natural birth friendly- more than I would have expected- and he himself understood because his wife had six natural births. I wish this hospital was the one closest to our home in case of transfer, but it’s 20-30 minutes away as opposed to 10-15 minutes.

I feel badly that it’s taken me this long to post an update, but we’ve been in Hawaii for the last week and a half, and I always dread trying to write blog posts from my phone. :/


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