Seventeen Week, Five Day Pregnancy Bump!

Ok, so I finally got a clothed picture of my bump taken.  It’s only of my tummy- sorry.  The rest of me didn’t look as great as I’d hoped, so we’ll try again later for maybe a full-length that I feel good about posting.  Anyway, it’s the important part.

I felt like a crazy person this morning.  I asked my husband to take a picture of me in front of the house before we left for church and then, before he could snap the picture, just burst into tears for no reason and we had to abandon that photo op.  I seriously could not say what was wrong with me, but I know this happens sometimes lately… I just cry and have no good reason why.  I tried to come up with something just to convince myself that I wasn’t losing it.  Maybe I felt overwhelmed by the thought of a whole morning at church and then a whole afternoon at my in-laws’ house.  Or maybe I was feeling sad that my bump didn’t look very big on the very day I wanted to take a nice picture.  Or maybe….. who knows!  Anyway, we tried again after church and were more successful.

For the record, I did feel sad that my bump looked so tiny when I got up this morning.  On the way to church, however, I googled the subject, and found stories of women who didn’t show at all until 7 months!!!!  Wowzers!  It was so bad for some that people were doubting that they were really pregnant and crap like that.  Now that would be hurtful!  I’m thankful that I mostly look pregnant all the time now, whether my bump is big or small.  Also, like a lot of women were saying, why rush the big belly??  It’ll come in it’s own time and then be cumbersome and make it tough to move around.  So I made peace with it- especially after feeling all those baby kicks this afternoon 😀

I’ve started weighing and measuring just once a week, every Saturday, and it’s nice because I can really see the changes but don’t obsess over it all week long.  Usually everything has increased, though this week my bust, belly, and (former) waist were all still the same even though my band size was a little bigger (weird?).  And I’ve gained a little weight.  Not a lot, but a little. Today, though, I was actually surprised because I’m up almost 2 pounds from last week!  That means that during this pregnancy I’ve gained at least three and a half pounds, depending on what my actually pre-pregnancy weight was.  So that helps alleviate my former fears that I wouldn’t be able to gain weight at all.  Something’s growing in there! 😀


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laughingpromises
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 19:36:19

    Your bump is super cute! I seem to be different sizes depending on the day, too. I think that’ll be normal for awhile, although I realize you’re further along than me. Anyway, it’s great that you’re taking steps to not fret!


    • travelnole
      Jul 14, 2012 @ 21:50:21

      Yay, I have a cute bump! Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I’ve heard/read a lot of people say it changes throughout the day, so it seems to be pretty much par for the course.


  2. andi
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 09:24:20

    lol i know what you look like without one but i looked at the picture and thought “oh man she looks like me on a normal day and i’m not pregnant. now i feel fat.” for you though you just look pregnant. and kudos on the boobs. definitely see a difference there. really looking forward to that part.


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