Announcing the Pregnancy to His Family

So. Three days before our Texas vacation (around week 10.5 of pregnancy), we announced the happy news to my husband’s family! Here’s what we did:

Because it will be a Christmas baby, I wanted to decorate the house for Christmas. My husband thought this would make them guess right away, so we ended up doing an understated version and kind of hiding it until everyone was there (the Christmas tree stayed hidden under a sheet until after dinner). I made a dinner consisting of all tiny foods. We had veggie baby back ribs, roasted baby redskin potatoes, baby corn, baby muffins, baby lima beans, baby stuffed portabella mushrooms, and, for dessert, individual baby pies, and ice cream served with a tiny cookie scoop.  Much to our dismay and amusement, NO ONE had any clue what was going on!

After dinner, when I unveiled the Christmas tree with gifts underneath, there was a short pause and then everyone said “Christmas in May!” and continued with the festivities.  We gave everyone their presents and told the kids to open theirs first.  Our niece got hers open and held it up.  “A shirt!” everyone said, “How cute!”  But she had it turned around backwards.

My husband, ready with his camera, urged her to turn it around.  My husband’s brother was the first to see the word “Cousin” on the front of the shirt and let out a big whoop and holler, threw his boxed present into the air, and immediately ran to hug my husband!  😀  He was actually such a good distraction that it took my in-laws a minute to realize what was going on.  Haha!

Then everyone else opened their presents.  Our nephew also had a shirt that said “Cousin” (I had to make these because I couldn’t find them in the store), my husband’s brother and his wife had baby onesies that said “My Uncle is Awesome!” and “I Have the Best Auntie!”  For my husband’s parents, I made onesies that said “I Love Grandpa” and “I Love Grandma” but in Serbian, their native language- they loved that!  There was a ton of excitement and happy tears.  Everyone said they were completely surprised and had had NO idea!

We all went out onto the lawn and played croquet and it was lovely.  Just as wonderful as I had hoped!  I’m really really happy with the way the whole day went, which made it worth all the super hard work I’d done to do all that crazy cooking and cleaning to get ready! 😀

It was a really weird feeling to tell people after keeping it a secret mostly between just us for so long, but it was a relief as well.  I was little nervous that they wouldn’t keep the news to themselves long enough for us to be able to tell others in person, but everything turned out alright.  I’ll post soon about how we told my parents and grandmother 🙂


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