Planning the Nursery

So I’ve begun to seriously think about what I’d like the nursery to look like! We’ve made an offer on a house (Eeeee!), and are excited even though we’re pretty sure they won’t accept it because it was quite a bit lower than the asking price (Booooo). Anyway, because I have in mind the room in that house that we’d make into the nursery, it’s easier to think about specifics. Here are my ideas so far:

  • green, with plenty of white to keep it babyish
  • later we’d add pink accents for a girl, blue or orange for a boy
  • a white tree either painted or applied to the wall
  • theme ideas: owls, birds, or forest animals
  • dark dark hardwood floors
  • fluffy white rug
  • tall baseboards
  • dark black/brown furniture


Based on those ideas, I compiled a few inspirational pictures. I also want my sister to paint some art for the room, but I don’t have much of an idea yet what it will be like, though I like the idea of 1 picture spanning 3 canvasses. She could do it now or wait until after the birth and make it gender or name-specific (yes, we are waiting to find out the gender until the birth!)

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