Pregnant Boobies

Ode to the boobies: they were the first to signal my pregnancy. Approximately 3 days post-fertilization, my boobs were super sore, just like they usually are later on during the 5 days or so leading up to my period. I should have known. They also began to get bigger at that point. Now, they are HUGE! Well, huge for me. I’ve always had small boobs, and they would still be considered small, I suppose, but to me (and my husband) they’re pretty darn spectacular. He likes to say “Those things are huge! How do you carry them around all day??” The soreness, thankfully, has all but disappeared at this point, but for awhile I really couldn’t allow my husband to touch them (which of course he wanted to do more than anything!), and when I got up in the night to pee (something that happened no less than 3 times a night), the pain of changing from a horizontal to a vertical position was intense!

I have to say, I’m still a tad disappointed that my orbs haven’t gotten still bigger, but I know we’re not done here yet. I have secretly looked forward to this aspect of pregnancy for years (I’m sure other small-breasted women will be able to relate), but now I’m worried that when I’m done with pregnancy and breastfeeding the ensuing shrinkage will be horribly shocking, especially since I’m already having trouble remembering what my pre-pregnancy size was. Yes, I’ve totally lost perspective, though my husband tells me they’ve doubled. Cool.

I remember one night, about 5 weeks into pregnancy, when I suddenly woke up out of a sound sleep- terrified because my left boob was horrible disproportionate from my right!! Now, the left has always been slightly bigger, but you couldn’t really tell unless you spent some time comparing them. At that moment, however, it felt as though my left boob had spent all night growing with amazing speed while the right one had actually shrunk!!! Don’t ask me how I knew this in my sleep or why it caused me to wake up with such fear, but I had a small panic attack and I envisioned being unable to walk straight soon as my left boob grew to be enormous while my right one remained unchanged! They are now indistinguishable, but that was a rough patch there for awhile.

A friend recently, among other invaluable pregnancy advice, told me that I may need to wear a sports bra even in the shower after I begin breastfeeding, just to avoid those painful water droplets from hitting my nipples! I couldn’t help but laugh at her description of such horrors 🙂 It sounds like my boobs and I have a fun and exciting future together.

Everything else aside, I am excited to see the changes in my breasts because it is a wonderful reminder to me that I am going to produce the most perfect, optimal food for my baby. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than the privilege of breastfeeding, and I’m quickly becoming very passionate about it. What a special gift God has given mothers in the ability to feed their babies no matter their economic or social status, their geographic location, or educational background. When I read about the intricate way in which a mother produces just the right food for her particular baby, I cannot help but be struck by how utterly miraculous it is. Long live my boobies! May they produce plenty of nourishing, healthy milk for my little Peanut!

“Yet you are He who took me out of the womb; You made me hope and trust when I was on my mother’s breasts.” Psalms 22:9


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. andi
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 10:21:31

    i’m soo with you on hoping pregnancy gives me bigger boobs but i’m scared cause my moms actually got smaller after she weened
    us 😦


    • travelnole
      Jul 07, 2012 @ 15:04:02

      Yeah, boo! That would suck. Seems like my mom’s stayed bigger, but maybe that was someone else who said that…..


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