Baby Registries

So, this week I got the urge to start a baby registry. I had already decided that I wanted to register at Target and Buy Buy Baby, because I know there will eventually be at least one baby shower. The reason I wanted to do it right now, though, is because I felt that I needed something to help me get organized and make sense of all the baby….stuff out there.

I ended up going today after work- by myself- because although my husband is happy to go with me, he won’t be able to until the middle of next week. But I was impatient, so I went to Target and got my little scanner gun.  I probably should have waited for him because the whole thing left me feeling drained and completely overwhelmed!!! I even had this list, which I think really helps narrow it down to essentials, and even tells you what you need now and what you can buy later, but I still didn’t make it through. I got half of it done. Maybe.  There is SOOOO much stuff that you can buy for a baby! I wasn’t prepared to deal with it today, I guess.

I was frustrated also because everything is gender specific (and what’s not is often ugly). I thought I’d dodge that awkward green and yellow bullet by waiting to buy cutesie clothes until later, but noooo! Everything from car seats to bibs had me wondering if we’re crazy to let this baby surprise us.

Anyway, I left Target wishing I’d waited to go. I also felt completely drained in every way. It was a super busy week at work, and this on top if it- plus the reminder that I’m about to take on the biggest job in the world- was just too much for my hormone-ridden body to absorb.

When my husband got home, found me sitting on the couch, and suggested we clean the house before Sabbath, I burst into tears. It wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t have known that I was just sitting there wondering how I’d muster the energy to go get myself some food from the kitchen…..


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