Eleven Weeks: Yes to Indian Food, No to 30 Plums

From my parents’ house in east Texas, we drove to Dallas yesterday afternoon to visit some friends. We met them at an Indian restaurant, which made me nervous. Indian food, you should know, is my favorite on earth (I dream of a good plate of rice and aloo gobi)! Since I’ve been more than five weeks pregnant, however, I’ve pretty much avoided it because it would kill me to eat it, get sick, and ruin it for myself! Much to my relief last night, I ate rice, naan, and aloo gobi until I looked six months pregnant, and I felt amazing!! It was the time of my life.

We spent the night at our friends’ house and then, after a breakfast of Cracklin’ Oat Bran, banana, and delicious ginger peppermint tea, began the three hour drive back to my parents’ house. On the way, I felt the need to have more in my stomach, so I pulled out the gallon ziplock bag of miniature plums from my grandma’s tree that my mom had sent along. Mmmmm, they were delicious! So delicious that I just kept eating them. The juicy taste of sunripened summer had never been better. When my watchful husband cautioned me to ease up on the plums, I reluctantly set the bag aside, minus at least 20 of the tasty orbs. When we stopped at a gas station for a pee break a few minutes later, however, I discovered that 20+ plums at once are a few too many for my poor little pregnancy tummy šŸ˜¦ I was just relieved that I lost them while we were stopped šŸ™‚

And so goes week 11.


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  1. laughingpromises
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 07:48:48

    lol I totally relate to this. Indian food is a no go for me right now. The word “curry” gives me a sick feeling, but I do love it when I’m not carrying a child. So, I’m putting it on the back burner and will hopefully want it once this baby pops out. šŸ™‚


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