I’m Back!

Wow, um….. Sorry for just disappearing for, oh, most of the first trimester! The truth is, I was just trying to survive and somehow blogging got trampled to the bottom of the pile under eating and sleeping and making it to work each day…..

I think I was truly surprised by how awful I felt for awhile. It caught me off guard and scared me a little because I remembered my mom saying that during her first pregnancy she basically felt sick the entire time…..  I even freaked out and told my director at work that I was pregnant, sick, and not sure I’d be able to head up the summer camp I’d promised to do. She graciously offered me a way out. I was disappointed in myself, but only for half a day! After that I realized what a burden I had lifted off of myself. Coincidence or not, I actually started to feel a little better after that.

So, here’s what has happened lately. Up until week five and a half or so, I felt pretty good. Extra hungry and a little nauseous, but nothing major. Enter a head cold and major nausea plus vomiting and I was down for the count! That was the worst part and lasted about three weeks. That was the part that I was afraid would never end. I actually lost a few pounds because I was vomiting every day and could hardly get any food to stay down. Thankfully, at eight and a half weeks I stopped vomiting so much and went back to mostly nausea twenty-four hours a day (well, not while I was sleeping, thankfully!)  Best of all, around ten and a half weeks the nausea began to ease and remains much more manageable. I look forward to continued improvement as I approach the second trimester!

Speaking of the second trimester, I can’t believe it’s so close already!!!! This baby hit eleven weeks yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited!  Time is flying!

Here are some other important things that have happened: we told my husbands’ family about the baby last Thursday and told my parents two days ago when we arrived at their home in Texas! What a relief to finally be able to talk to family about the baby and make plans! I’ll post separately about the way we ended up telling them (it was pretty cool)! I called one of my best friends last night and told her the news, and that was really fun. We are in the process of making our announcements to mail to other family and close friends. By this time next week, the world will know! Eeeeeeeee! Also, we’ve hired a midwife and doula. Separate posts about that to come as well.

Adding to the chaos of the first trimester has been our search for our dream home since we really want to buy and renovate and settle in before the baby is here.  We really long to be somewhere rural away from the city, but we have to ask ourselves whether it is worth the extra distance my husband would have to travel to work each day and if it would be worth being farther away from family (you know which one the family would choose!).

Things I have learned about dealing with “morning” sickness: eat even if you feel sick, eat then go back to sleep before getting up (my sweet loving husband has been bringing me breakfast in bed for weeks), drink water before vomiting so you don’t rip up your esophagus….. (this is so not cool), drink enough water and get enough sleep because too little of either well make things worse, and always carry plastic bags with you (just in case…). I also found that eating something like plain popcorn while driving helped me during that horrible commute home each afternoon. I also tried taking extra vitamin B6. I thiiiiiink it helped. 🙂

Alright, I’ve really got to go eat now- more later!


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