Mother’s Day

I have a newfound appreciation for my mother. They say that you will, after going through labor and then feeling that crazy love for your child, but I feel it now. Dealing with the most unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy and then remembering my mother’s stories of the same experiences- WOW! I just want to tell her thank you thank you thank you! It really has hit me how much a parent sacrifices for their child. A mother in particular begins to give of herself in a very literal fashion from the earliest days of a baby’s development. Her body gives the best it has to the baby, sometimes making sacrifices for itself in the process. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, for example, the baby is given all the tools for strong immunity, while the mother’s immunity is often lowered, leaving her more susceptible to serious sickness (this actually just happened to one of my friends). 

When you make the decision to have children, you basically sign yourself up for this crazy ride that you really just have to go with. You have no idea exactly how it is going to be, and you can’t get off if it scares or surprises you.  You have to trust in God and in the way he made your body to do the things it needs to do. You also have to trust that He will give you what it takes to be a parent when you finally hold that child in your arms.

Today in church our pastor read a quote written by Ellen White, a woman whom I believe had special inspiration from God. I was unable to find the direct quote, but she said that the work of a mother to witness for God to her one child is just as important as the work of a missionary who preaches to a thousand! I love that. My mother told me the story of salvation from the moment I was born, and I can only hope to follow as closely as possible in her footstep to teach my children of God’s love and forgiveness. It’s a grand and humbling responsibility.

To mothers everywhere, I realize what you give to your child’s life, and I applaud you!


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