Boy? Girl? ….or Surprise?

So, we’ve been toying with the idea of waiting until this little bean makes its appearance in the world to find out if we are proud parents of a boy or a girl.  Toying.  Sometimes I think it’ll be fun, suspenseful, and exciting to wait.  Other times I just think it will be a giant pain.  I mean, I’ve looked forward to filling a dresser with tiny little blue or pink socks and onesies and filling the closet with frilly dresses or dapper suits perches on tiny little hangers.  I’ve dreamed of decorating a nursery.  How would I miss out if we didn’t know the gender?

Honestly, the gender issue is the ONLY reason we would really want to have an ultrasound.  I mean, if something is wrong with the baby and we see it on the ultrasound, what are we going to do?  We would NEVER terminate the pregnancy unless my life was in danger.  So….  maybe we’ll wait?  We’re trying to do as few prenatal tests as possible.

I was encouraged at Christmas time when I was shopping with my sister and saw these adorable yellow and grey clothes.  Sometimes I feel like unisex baby clothes can be a little, well…. ugly.  But yellow and grey are so cute together!

Yeah, it was just around for Easter, but I love the colors.

Little bunnies! Does it GET more adorable??

I also have been googling nursery ideas and have found some really cute ideas! had some great ones.  Here are my favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess my main beef with gender neutral nurseries (or any gender neutral baby thing, really) it that they all seem to look a bit more on the masculine side. Girls really only have pink and purple and boys have every other color. 😦

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s waited to discover the gender.  How did you handle decorating and other aspects of preparation?  Better yet, has anyone tried it both ways?  Was the fun of waiting worth it?


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