Month #1 Summary

So, here’s my completed chart from our first month of ttc.

I used opk’s (ovulation predictor kits) to determine exactly when I ovulated, and I think it was really helpful because, although I always know that I start my period two weeks after endo pain starts, I didn’t really know for sure if I was ovulating the day endo started, the day before, the day after, or what.  This made it possible to pinpoint it exactly.  Here’s my test progression:

opk progression

These are all Dollar Tree brand, but some of the old version, and some of the new.  I like the bigger ones because it was easier to write the information down.

An opk measures LH (leutinizing hormone) in your urine.  A woman will typically have some of it present at varying levels throughout her cycle, which is why you can see faint lines on all the days I tested.  Just before ovulation, however, there will be a spike in LH.  When the test line is as dark or darker than the control, a spike is indicated.  This means that you should ovulate within the next 24  to 48 hours.  My spike came on day 22 and was apparent on both tests I took that day.  By the next day, the spike had passed.  If you look at my chart (if you click on it you can look at a bigger version), you can see that Fertility Friend detected ovulation on day 24, based on my positive opk 48 hours earlier as well as the dip my temperature took on day 23 (I was happy that I just barely began temping in time to detect this).

I began taking pregnancy tests at 8dpo (days past ovulation).  Here’s the series of those tests.  The first three are First Response brand and the fourth is Dollar Tree brand.  A home pregnancy test detects the hormone hcg in your urine that the fetus begins to produce once it’s implanted in the uterus.  It will only exist if implantation has occurred, so for this test any test line is a positive.

hpt series


As you can see, never got a positive hpt, and I started my period right on schedule.  I was pretty upset for about a day (Yeah, I cried), but then I felt surprisingly ok about it and began to think about the next month.  I really think the waiting was the most difficult part.  Even though I kept taking pregnancy tests, I never REALLY was sure that they weren’t false positives until I saw red blood flow.  Even the two days of spotting beforehand didn’t totally have me convinced because I knew there was a chance it could be implantation spotting.

In other news, during the past month I’ve also been dealing with an irregular heartbeat.  I actually began writing a very long post about it, but when half of it got erased, I got really mad and sort of gave up- haha!  I can now give you the shortened version.  Basically on March 7 I began having PVCs with increasing frequency every day until they were happening several times a minute and giving me a bunch of other scary symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue- all the stuff the almighty internet declares doctor-worthy.  I was also super freaking scared by that point, which I’m sure didn’t help much.  My husband and I both took a day off of work, and he took me to urgent care and then to the emergency room.  They diagnosed the irregularity as PVCs and told me I wasn’t in danger of keeling over dead, but couldn’t tell me why it was happening or what to do about it.  So last week I went to this chiropractor/natural healing doctor whom had helped my mother-in-law with her tachycardia.  He’s a total nutcase, but apparently a genius, so I tolerated the visit.  He told me I have mitral valve prolapse (the valve between the two left chambers of my heart doesn’t close properly causing a backup toward my lungs), and prescribed magnesium, a mineral complex, and some funky heart pill.  It’s all food based and he sold it to me on the spot.  I can’t say that the PVCs have completely stopped yet, but I have been feeling pretty good lately.  I immediately began to sleep better because I take the magnesium right before bed and it apparently relaxes every cell in your body.  Good stuff 🙂  The only thing that I’m kind of not happy about now is  that yesterday my left eyelid began twitching again (which was happening a lot when the PVCs started), but maybe I’m just tired.  It’s hard to stick to my pill schedule on the weekends too, which may be throwing me off.  So that’s the update for last month!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laughingpromises
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 05:05:12

    That’s good to know about the magnesium! There’s a midwife at our church that says magnesium is one of the best things you can do for your hormones. Apparently most women are deficient.

    As for the PVCs…I had some last year and went and got tested and was told the same thing. They went away after awhile. I think my case was stress induced. They can be fairly common among women our age. Hope you feel better soon!


    • travelnole
      Apr 15, 2012 @ 12:12:29

      Yeah, at first I thought they were happening because I was stressed about getting pregnant. My mom had a big problem with PVCs last year and her doctor said they were caused by excess adrenalin in her system (they began the day her mom came to live with them). I was confused though because it seemed like no matter how much I tried to relax, it didn’t help. Also, I didn’t FEEL stressed about having a baby most of the time, but I guess that doesn’t mean I wasn’t.


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