Fertility Friend: My New Obsession

So I recently discovered Fertility Friend. After I read Making Babies, I decided to start recording my BBT (especially since I had expected to ovulate already), and googled fertility friend since I’d seen it in a forum online.  What an amazing resource!  Resource/addiction- whatever!  Yeah, I have to admit that every day I come home and spend a significant amount of time scouring the chart gallery for ones that look a lot like mine (that ended up pregnant).  And every day at work I can’t wait to find a snippet of time at work to enter my BBT from that morning and then see how my chart looks after.  I want it so badly, and it is inevitably during the infamous two week wait that my desire to be pregnant hits an all-time high.  This cycle around ovulation time, and even shortly after, I felt so calm.  So willing to let this time go by without sitting on pins and needles.  I felt so willing to wait as long as it took….  HA!  Not anymore!  I want to be pregnant, and I want to be pregnant now!  I can’t take however many months of this!  I don’t know how women do it- especially that ones who wait years.  Maybe it gets easier with  time.

Ok, so I didn’t begin recording my BBT until just before I ovulated, but here is my chart so far:

Two things I’m relieved about: 1- my temps indicate that I am ovulating correctly, and 2- my temps seem quite stable even without a special “BBT thermometer”.  I’m using a regular digital one and it seems to work just fine.  I’m also taking my temps vaginally, which I think helps.  I tried orally for a couple days as well, but they were just all over the place.

I am currently on dpo 11, and plan to test again tomorrow.  FF says that I should begin my period in four days (what would be dpo 15 if the witch doesn’t show), but they don’t know my cycle yet since it’s my first month charter. I expect that my period would start in two days (dpo 13).  We shall see.  I usually get some spotting a day or two beforehand, but nothing so far.  I’m so nervous about  tomorrow’s test….

Have I had any positive symptoms?  Well, tender breasts and fatigue are the main ones, but those could also be due to PMS and lack of sleep.  I know I’m paying way more attention to my body’s every hiccup now than I usually do, so I’m probably making everything a bigger deal.

  • BBT- basal body temperature
  • dpo- days past/post ovulation
  • FF- fertilityfriend.com
  • PMS- premenstrual syndrome

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  1. laughingpromises
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 22:14:07

    I do love Fertility Friend and am just as obsessed as you. I have been using it for quite awhile because of my PCOS. It’s wonderful to have control of something and know if I’m ovulating and whether or not I should expect a period.


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