Ovulation Predictor Kits

I got really curious a few days ago to find out exactly when I was going to ovulate.  Because my last two cycles were extra short (29 days), I thought I might O as early as Saturday, Feb. 18.  My average cycle length over the past year is 32 days, but by Tuesday it was already longer than that and we’d been baby-making almost every day for a week, so I went and grabbed a few opk’s from Dollar Tree.

I wasn’t even sure how well they would work, but I figured that, at a dollar a pop, it would be fun to try. I took the first one on day #19 of my cycle.  There was a faint line, but it’s not considered a positive until the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.  Anyway, I took at least one test a day for the next few days with the same results.  One day I tried both morning and afternoon because I heard that the best time to detect LH is in the afternoon.  However, I got the same results both times.  You can see that I used a sharpie to write the day, date, and any other details right on the test.  Then, this morning day #22, I finally got a definite positive!  You can see it at the bottom of the picture (the test line is on the right).  I am also feeling that twinge that I get on my right side whenever I ovulate.  (I’m sure endo pains will start by tomorrow- bla.  But at least I finally ovulated.) Baby-making is definitely on the agenda for tonight!

I have also been checking my cervix the past few days and attempting to keep track of my BBT, but I started that so late that this month is a bust.  Will try those again next month if this one doesn’t stick 🙂



  • O= ovulate
  • endo= endometriosis
  • BBT= basal body temperature
  • opk= ovulation predictor kit
  • LH= luteinizing hormone (the one the spikes at ovulation and is detected by an opk)

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