Facing Endometriosis Without Ibuprofen

Because of the possibility of pregnancy, I have suffered through endo pains this month without my usual Ibuprofen to comfort me.  a couple of nights it was pretty intense.  Heat helped.  I made it through- once only because I got so tired and unsteady from the pain that I was afraid I’d fall over asleep in the tub and then was able to go to bed and sleep.  Unfortunately my heating pad has quit, but a microwavable buckwheat thing and hot baths have also been nice.  I need to replace my heating pad for sure though- it was a Thermophore that my mom gave me when I left for college- and amazing.  It was always so soothing and comforting when I was in pain.  Every time I turn it on now it smells like burning plastic, and I’m pretty sure that’s not good.

ALSO I’ve started drinking tart cherry juice concentrate because it’s supposed to be quite effective against inflammation.  I wasn’t able to find any definitive evidence that it’s helped with endo, but I did have much less frequent and severe pain after starting it!  They say to take 2 Tablespoons a day with water, but for the first few days I took at double or triple dose and had no pain at all.  When I lowered the dose I had pains during the night but not as severe.  I wouldn’t really be able to say that it did or didn’t make a difference unless I was able to try it again next month from the beginning since the pain usually is less severe as I get closer to my period beginning anyway.  But if it is working well then- Hallelujah!!!!  A natural alternative to Ibuprofen, right?


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