Activities to Avoid While Pregnant

I’m thinking about taking a pregnancy test.  I ovulated a couple of days early this month, and so….  I guess I should say that we weren’t trying not to get pregnant at that earlier date.  Hopefully I’m not pregnant because…

#1 I don’t feel pregnant (of course, I have no idea what it feels like to be pregnant).

#2 I’d like to wait a couple more months before I am pregnant.  Three months, to be exact.

#3. I did a lot of crazy stuff on our Hawaii vacation last week, including SCUBA diving.  I’m not sure how dangerous that would be for a pregnancy that’s only, say, less than a week along, but I was a little nervous.  I also did a lot of strenuous hiking and went close enough to red hot lava to feel the heat radiating from it.

Let’s focus on #3.  They say that if you’re trying to get pregnant or think you could be pregnant that you should act as if you are.  I wasn’t trying to get pregnant and had no way of knowing that early whether I was or not, so I assumed I wasn’t.  Let’s hope that was a good decision.

After doing some additional research, it looks as if SCUBA during very very early pregnancy may not be such a high risk because the embryo doesn’t begin to share a common blood exchange with the mother until a few days after implantation.  Also, my source mentioned that if cells are damaged during early differentiation, other undifferentiated cells will probably be able to step in and take their place.  I found that information extremely comforting, as well as appealing to the biology nerd in me.  But I’m probably not pregnant anyway.

……You know, every time I think there is even the slightest chance that I’m pregnant, I get a little obsessed with the idea.  And then when I find out that I’m not, I always feel disappointed.  I think it’s because until I actually am pregnant, I cannot believe that it’s possible.  Maybe it’s because of the endometriosis, maybe it’s because I have a hard time believing such a miraculous thing could actually happen to me.  I almost wish I could know right now that I will be able to get pregnant and then patiently wait until the right time.

Speaking of the right time, our Lake Tahoe snowboarding vacation has been pushed up to February instead of March.  So….  anytime in March will be a great time to conceive.

No one that I actually know has been told about this blog.  I planned to give them the link when I’m actually pregnant so they can follow my pregnancy that way, but so far my posts feel kind of embarrassing.  Honest, but embarrassing, so I may have to hide some of them…..  But I digress.

I looked up all the activities that are supposed to be dangerous to do while pregnant:

  • Amusement park rides– The danger here are the sudden stops and possibility of abdominal impact.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem avoiding these when the time comes because I don’t do those activities very often anyway.  Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I was on a rollercoaster.
  • Bicycling– Considered unsafe during early pregnancy if you are inexperienced, and unsafe altogether once the changes to your body make balance an issue.   My husband has already declared that I’m not allowed to bike at all if I’m pregnant.  He’s an experienced mountain-biker and I go with him occasionally.  Still, it won’t be a problem for me to simply stay home or take a walk instead.
  • Contact Sports- These would be unsafe for obvious reasons: falls, being hit by equipment or another player.  The only sport I would miss is racquetball.  😦
  • Downhill Skiing– Unsafe for inexperienced women and during latter stages.  Dangers include falling, sudden stops, being hit by other skiiers, etc.  Cross country skiing is considered a good alternative during early pregnancy, provided altitudes of 6,000 are not exceeded (less oxygen for you and baby).  I’m not a skiier, so this is a non-issue for me.
  • Gymnastics- Risks include falls and abdominal impact.  I’m not a gymnast.
  • Hiking- Falling is a risk here.  Understandable.  I didn’t fall much during our Hawaii hikes, but I did a few times.  Once your balance is compromised it would especially be an issue.  Simple, level trails are fine, but hiking up a precipitous, rocky mountain is not.  Darn.  This one makes me sad because I’m feeling all jazzed up about hiking right now.

There's me, hiking the first part of one of the top 10 most dangerous trails in America- this would definitely be a pregnant no-no!

  • Home Renovation– The fumes, the ladders, the lifting….  We are hoping to buy and renovate a home sometime in the next year, so this one could be a real bummer.  Of course, some activities would be acceptable, but it would be limiting.
  • Horseback Riding- Even an expert rider could fall.  I love riding, but do it very infrequently, so not a problem.
  • Hot Tubs and Saunas- Too hot for the baby.  Hmmm, does this mean I can’t take a really hot shower?  I would be pretty sad about that because I love a soak in a Jacuzzi or a steaming hot shower….
  • Moving- Heavy lifting and stress are the main safety factors at play here.  Unfortunately, I do hope we are able to move into the aforementioned and yet-to-be-found dream home before having a baby, so if that all comes together soon a move may be unavoidable.  We will see.  We are also planning to move from our condo to house this month, so if I’m pregnant right now….  Hopefully I would be able to minimized stress for myself.  My husband would be happy to do the heavy lifting.  He is always a sweetheart like that.
  • Running- Ok if you’re already a runner, but not a good sport to take up once you’re already pregnant.  Also, during later pregnancy, be carefully with balance, as always.  Avoid dehydration and becoming overheated.  I hate running.
  • SCUBA Diving- As was already discussed, despite the lack of conclusive evidence, not recommended.  I probably would have gone diving much in the next year anyway.
  • Snowboarding- Even if you’re really good, others aren’t.  If you’re not good, well, you will probably fall.  I know I rarely make it down a run without a good hard tumble.  I really want to do some boarding this winter, which is why we won’t try to conceive until March.
  • Surfing- I did this for the first time in November, and I fell.  A lot.  I nearly ran into people, I fell on my board.  I can see why it isn’t recommended.  I probably won’t even have the opportunity to surf again for awhile, though, so not a concern.
  • Tennis- They say if you played before, a more relaxed game should be ok before your belly gets big.  I don’t play tennis, as I prefer racquetball (which is even more dangerous, and I assumed it fit under the contact sports category… I always contact the wall or my opponent more often than I’d like)
  • Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Etc.- I’ve hit the water with force plenty of times, and- ouch- I get why this wouldn’t be wise.  I’m sure I’ll have the chance to do water sports this summer, but if I’m pregnant I won’t feel too sad about missing out.

So, that about covers it.  Basically a lot of fun things need to be put on hold while your little bean is growing.  Looking at this list, I’ll bet that a lot of women still do some of these things anyway.  Horseback riding, for example.  I can easily picture an avid rider (someone who’s been doing it all her life every single day) who would not hesitate to keep riding, especially in early pregnancy…. Any confessions??  I know there are rumored pictures of a very pregnant woman on a surf board.  Hey, we know that Mary the mother of Jesus rode a donkey in her third trimester, right?… I guess in the end we all need to educate ourselves and then make the best decisions based on that knowledge and our own personal limitations.

Ok, let me go find that pregnancy test.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fenn
    Apr 30, 2017 @ 08:23:39

    I hope no one else ever finds this blog while casually browsing as I did. This list is stupid and there is no basis in fact here. Pregnant women can continue to do anything the feel comfortable doing, especially if they are educated on the potential risks. Literally everything listed here has been done at one time or another by a pregnant woman who had a healthy child. This is some archaic bullshit.


    • travelnole
      May 02, 2017 @ 17:22:37

      If you read to the end of my post, you will see that I reached conclusions very similar to the ones you have so gracefully stated. If something you really want to continue doing while pregnant is on the list of potentially risky activities, you don’t need to denigrate what I’ve shared in order to defend your choice. It’s your right to do as you wish after you’ve weighed the risks. Motherhood is a journey. I wrote this during my very first pregnancy when everything was new and I was still learning how to best care for the life growing inside me. I’m sure there are many who are in that same place in life and will appreciate the information. I have three beautiful children now, and my thoughts on safety during pregnancy may be different if I wrote them out today. Regardless, I feel that what I wrote here was perfectly reasonable and informative, not “stupid”, but you’re certainly free to express your disaproval. I wish you well.


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