Making Plans to Conceive

The first year of marriage practically flew by, and we managed to not get pregnant. 😛  Now, in our second year, things are starting to get pretty exciting because we have all kinds of plans for things like houses, gardens, vacations, and yes, BABIES!

My husband and I have really discussed quite a bit whether we want to have kids sooner or later (really, though, later isn’t that much later since we’re both in our thirties…).  I tend to think that the sooner we have kids, the sooner they will grow up, the sooner we’ll have time AFTER children are out of the house to accomplish our travel goals, and the more of their lives we will actually be around to see.  My husband tends to agree, and says he feels ready to be a dad.

So here’s the deal: we have three big exciting vacations coming up,  the last of which is a snowboarding trip to Tahoe in March.  We have been saying for several months now that I can’t be pregnant before then, because I want to be able to go.  Last year was so much fun and I made a lot of progress (I’m a newbie snowboarder).  So then AFTER that vacation….

Now that I’ve gone to the doctor about the chronic pelvic pains I’ve been having and have gotten the go-ahead there, nothing really stands in our way.  My timeline is as follows:

  • January- start taking prenatal vitamins, focus on my personal health
  • March (after our Tahoe trip)- start trying to make a baby!
  • September- I hope to be pregnant!  If I’m not, I’ll make an appointment with my doctor for a laparoscopy.

The time is really coming when I could become pregnant.  Some days I’m so exciting I want to jump out of my skin!  Other days I feel content to wait, but always I anticipate the spring.  I can’t wait to begin this new phase of our lives!

I want to find a good prenatal vitamin that contains “real” vitamins, not just synthetic copies.  Because I want to be in the best possible health during pregnancy, I have been thinking about which areas could use improvement.  I have been working on my diet for awhile now, and while every perfectionist bone in my body continues to scold me for my inconsistencies, I realized that my diet is exceedingly better than that of the general population.  Therefore, I think I want to focus on the habits that are really lacking, namely- enough sleep, consistent exercise (gotta use my yoga groupon), and adequate water consumption.  These can be the bane of my existence, but I’m hoping that the goal of providing a healthy vessel for a growing child will provide incentive that’s been previously lacking.  Wish me luck!  Also, if anyone knows of a fabulous prenatal vitamin, I’d love to get some advice!


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