Childbirth Fears

One of the things that I am hearing over and over again as I read about birthing naturally and the differences between the way our society currently does birth and the way it is meant to be done, is that the fear of birth has been so ingrained in women that it literally interferes with their ability to pull it off in a peaceful controlled way.  I just read this post on Have a Natural Childbirth about the myth of birth being a scary thing.  I have already come a long way in conquering my birth fears, but this simple post made me feel even better!  The author points out that the pains experienced during birth are not entirely unfamiliar to us because we have experienced them time and again during our period.  Birth pains come from the same place, but there is a break between them (isn’t that a relief!).  She also emphasizes the importance of an undisturbed birth, which is one of the biggest reasons I want to give birth at home.


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