Book Review- Labor of Love: a Midwife’s Memoir

Cara Muhlhahn, the midwife made famous by the documentary The Business of Being Born, writes the story of her life.  The entirety of it is a tale of all that led her to answer her calling as a midwife.  She opens up about her own pregnancies, family, relationships, and feelings about motherhood.  She describes to us the joy of assisting each mother in bringing her new baby into the world, the challenges involved in running her own business, and how she came to be the featured midwife in a major documentary.  She also confides her sorrow and agony over losing her first baby as a midwife.

The book shares some great information concerning natural birth and really opens up the world of midwifery.  One of the strongest impressions I came away with is that it’s a TOUGH job!  Anyone who is a midwife really must feel called to the profession.  It becomes a part of her life, and it’s definitely not a day at the office.  Cara inspired me with her confidence and helped me to realize that midwives are educated, competent, and intuitive.  In short, they can be trusted to do what they do.  I hope that when the time comes for me to find a midwife that I can find a great one like Cara!


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