Am I Pregnant?

So….  I bought a pregnancy test today.  Eight of them, actually, hehe.  I didn’t really think I was pregnant, but I hate the thought of being pregnant and not knowing.  I hadn’t been having all the symptoms I would expect, but I had been feeling some light nausea a couple times a day since my last ovulation.  I’m not on the pill or anything, so that makes it seem a little more iffy each month that something unplanned could have happened.

Now, we are using condoms, but we don’t always put it on right away, so we’re not being as careful as we could.  In our situation and at our age, there really wouldn’t be a horrible time to be pregnant, so I guess we feel like we can take a few more risks.  Also, judging by the goofy grins we get on our faces when we joke about “maybe I’m pregnant”, I think we’ve been almost wishing for it to happen.  😛  Still, there hadn’t been any “accidents” as of yet, so I realized that we would probably both have to be incredibly fertile for me to be pregnant right now.  It took my parents a few months of playing without the goalie for me to be conceived, so I have anticipated that it will be about the same with my husband and me when the time comes.

I got a few of the more expensive tests, as well as a couple of the cheapies (I’m talking dollar store variety, here).  I spent a small fortune when it was all said and done, thinking I might as well have a supply on hand.  I figured if I got a positive with the cheap one, I’d confirm with the good one.

The result of my first pregnancy test: negative

I think I was more disappointed than I had thought I would be when only one little line showed up.  I kept looking at it again, but no, just one lonely line.  Oh well, it’s really not the best time anyhow.  I have plans for my job for the next year and we have plans to do more traveling…. all stuff  that would be messed up if I was prego at this point.  Is it weird that I’m hoping for an accident?  I think it’s a little weird.

Anyway, my husband came home later and we shared a light lunch.  “I’m not pregnant,” I announced.

“No?  How do you know?”

I couldn’t keep the sheepish smile off my face, “I took a pregnancy test.”

“You did?”  He looked a little disappointed as well.

I brought up the fact that it’s still 3 days until I’m supposed to start my period…. and I did use the less cheaper, less sensitive test (the directions plainly said to not use it until the first day of the missed period)…. so technically I could still be pregnant…

And then we were both grinning like fools!


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